A Sewing Sensation

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By Betsy Ramser Jaime

Samuel Appiah was raised in Akim Oda in the eastern region of Ghana and now lives in Accra, the capital city of Ghana. As a student, Samuel attended school through his senior year of secondary school and was always very interested in art.

He shares, ‘I had many opportunities in various kinds of work institutions but never felt so good with it until I was one day told and inspired by my church choir leader on my way back home from rehearsal.’

Samuel recalls his choir leader encouraging him to, ‘create what you love doing most for yourself and the people around you in order to feel fruitful…’ Using this motivation and encouragement, Samuel took his meager savings to pursue his love of sewing and fashion.

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In his business, Samuel has now had one employee and three apprentices. Unfortunately, in the fashion business, the required upfront costs of buying fabrics, materials, and labor, can make it difficult for business owners to either get up and running or pursue new business. Because of this, partnering with Zidisha has been a game changer for Samuel as he is able to raise the necessary funds to go out and find new business.

Upon receiving his first few Zidisha funded loans, Samuel gratefully shared with his lenders, ‘Once again, my lenders are putting smiles on my face, it’s amazing to see them here on my list. Thanks to you all. May you all live long to be more blessings to many less privileged people around the Globe.’

The name of Samuel’s business is Divine Fashion and he says, ‘We are into fashions; sewing all kinds of unisex clothing especially African wears to the market and any one interested both in and outside the country.’ Since joining Zidisha in mid 2019, he’s been able to to raise 6 Zidisha funded loans, starting with a modest $14 loan in June.

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Upon gaining a contract, Samuel found that his biggest needs were purchasing materials for dress making and bringing in more workers. Starting out, he also set an intention and dream of gaining work and customers outside of Ghana.

With each new Zidisha funded loan, Samuel has been able to edge himself closer and closer to his dream, buying additional fabrics, paying his workers, and gaining new customers.

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For Samuel, it is a joy to see his friends and family members wear his beautiful pieces of clothing. He also shares to, ‘Never get discouraged by your twist and turns in life. These ups and downs are tough but remember it is there to test us, to prepare us to that which we want and are eager to attain in life. Success to you members here, and long live Zidisha!!’

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