Doing Something I Love

By Betsy Ramser Jaime

Florence Boateng is a single mother of one, living in Santa Maria, Ghana. She says, ‘Life before, during, and after the COVID 19 pandemic in the year 2020 brought me to establish a business on my own after being jobless on my completion of University. I decided I will establish a business from something I love doing, which is cleaning. This has helped me up to date, and I want to continue and expand this business.’

Florence specifically focuses on cleaning within the sanitation industry. She’s found that because people are so busy, it is often difficult for them to find the time to clean their homes and their offices.

Plus, with her affordable pricing, Florence has been able to accommodate a wide range of customers.

So far, with her profits, she has been able to buy additional machinery for her business.

Florence is a relatively new member of the Zidisha community, joining in January 2021. In this time, she’s raised seven Zidisha funded loans. With her initial loan of $12, she purchased detergents and other cleaning products. And also made flyers to increase her marketing and advertising efforts.

With her next loan, she was able to pay off the steam cleaner that she had purchased, sharing, ‘This machine will go a long way to help me work efficiently.’

Florence also made a smart decision to start advertising her services on different social media platforms to reach new customers that might not be aware of her services.

Next, in February and April 2021, with loans of $232 and $423, Florence was able to purchase her own floor buffer so that she could stop renting and have one of her own. Sharing how this has impacted her business she wrote, ‘Renting this machine to do my work has been very costly and am unable to purchase some because of the huge cost involved. With this machine being bought, it will help me to work more efficiently to carry on with my work.’

By mid-2021, Florence set her sights on renting her very own office space for her business. By taking this big step, she hopes that ‘This will help my customers easily locate us to do business with us.’

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