Excelling in Multiple Fields

By Betsy Ramser Jaime

Nicholas Mungai describes himself as, ‘A highly determined and focused individual, who was brought up among five siblings through rather hard times in the rural area of Nakuru in Kenya.’

He shares, ‘I did manage to go through school, excelling quite well to become a well-experienced technocrat in multiple fields, from IT to Telecoms and now Real Estate.’

Today Nick is still employed and also runs a variety of side hustles. His first one is in real estate where he rents properties to low and medium-income earners. His second side hustle is running a fitness center that has a strong membership base. And lastly, he also provides internet services in urban and rural areas, helping remote shopping centers, schools, and hospitals get connected to the internet.

Since joining Zidisha at the beginning of 2017, Nick has raised 12 Zidisha funded loans. Starting off with a $5 loan, he had big visions of where he could take each of his businesses in the coming few years.

With a few loans in 2019 for $78, $235, and $306, Nick worked hard to expand and improve his gym, purchasing spare parts for exercise equipment and replacing malfunctioning training bikes.

Then, in 2020, he transitioned his efforts to focus on improving his rental properties raising loans of $306, $197, $459, and $422. These loans allowed him to work on painting some newly constructed rentals, finishing fittings, completing some electrical work, and finishing the setup of his properties.

On Jan 25, 2021, Nick went to his Zidisha discussion page and shared his progress with lenders as he wrote, ‘Hi Lenders. Thank you for walking the journey with me. I managed to complete phase I of the rental business, which is now occupied. Am keen to move on to the next phase to get the project to 100% completion. Your assistance will be highly appreciated. God bless!’

So far in 2021, Nick has continued to make good progress with his properties, raising Zidisha funded loans of $354, $442, and $442 to continue painting, do electrical work, and purchase doors and windows. At this stage, he is working to complete 10 units and then will work to complete 10 more rental units.

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