Meet Peter Kamwaro from Kiptangwanyi, Kenya. Peter supports his family of three children by buying and selling cereals such as corn, beans, wheat, and rice. Because Mr. Kamwaro’s goods are in high demand, they usually sell quickly. However, shoppers especially prefer his cereals because of their freshness and quality.

Mr. Kamwaro recently started a new business venture, thanks to his Zidisha loan. Learn more about his new venture below:

Hello Lenders,

My name is Achintya Rai 

Yesterday I visited Peter Kamwaro at his business premises in Kiptangwanyi. Peter runs a “Video Room” which he opens everyday, including the weekends. He has a beautiful business model- he buys CDs (for 50 shillings each) and DVDs (for 100 shillings each) from Nakuru (the town nearby) and shows them in his video room where he charges 10 shillings per head. He shows 5 (different) movies each day, and more on weekends. And once he has used a CD, he sells it for 60 shillings and he sells his used DVDs for 150 shillings each. So, he makes money from his video room (on week days he get 30-40 viewers per day), and he also makes a small profit out of the CDs/DVDs he purchases. That’s like buying sugarcane and taking out the juice to make sugar to sell, while also selling the remaining husk at price higher than that of sugarcane.

Peter used his first Zidisha loan of 40,000 shillings to buy this plot with a video room where he runs his business. Earlier he used to rent the premises where he ran his business. He paid a rent of 5000 shillings a month, and his installment for the Zidisha loan is around 4300 shillings. Understandably, he is very happy with Zidisha.

Peter has 3 children, 2 of whom are in school. His wife runs a small boutique from the premises. 



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