It might seem complicated but one can link a for-profit and non-profit together. In such a model, it is important to put forth the distinction between these two forms of organizational structures. Nonprofit leaders are more adept at creating programs than they are about managing their finances, whereas for-profit businesses possess greater astuteness in their financial dealings. The nonprofit is generally held not to engage in conversations about the long-term sustainability of its organization, in contrast to a for-profit, which generally allows the customer to act as its major source of revenue.
Where does Zidisha fit in within the hybrid scheme of things? Many non-profits do possess lucrative funding approaches, thus creating a hybrid model. One such example can be found through the activities of the Susan G. Komen Foundation that uses a funding model known as the Heartfelt Connector. Nonprofits using these models grow large by focusing on causes that resonate with the deep concerns of a large number of people at all income levels and by creating a structure method of connecting these people when none had previously existed. Heartfelt Connectors tend to establish connections between volunteers through fundraising ventures. The Komen Foundation works through a network of 125 affiliates to eradicate breast cancer as a life-threatening disease by funding research grants, by supporting education, screening, and treatment projects in communities around the world, and by educating women about the importance of early detection.  Zidisha rests within this spectrum, where it is creating a platform for advancing entrepreneurship for low-income individuals in Kenya and Senegal. We are offering lenders the ability to sign up for a free membership on our website and providing quick and easy access to different loan opportunities, choosing the ones that are most fund-worthy. The greatest aspect is that once the borrower’s bid is complete, he/she is in business! The lender can even keep in touch with the borrower and ask questions and progress updates about their business.

The current economic climate can set some nonprofit leaders off course and Zidisha is looking to avoid such a track. Society is looking towards nonprofits and philanthropic organizations to solve the world’s most pressing needs and it is important to understand how hybrid models function in this confusing landscape. Zidisha is hoping to make its clients understand its aspirations and its level of outreach as it continues to grow within the hybrid space.

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