I Know With Time and the Help of Zidisha, I Will Achieve My Goals

By Betsy Ramser Jaime

Abigail Narkie Doku is a 35-year-old businesswoman living in Cape Coast, Ghana. She says, ‘I really love business. My dream is to be one of the biggest and best business owners in Ghana so that I can help people who are in need.’

When she was starting out, Abigail was selling secondhand bags in her business. Like many business owners, she has transitioned over time and is now selling food and drink products like drinks, bottled water, sachet water, and biscuits.

Explaining why she made the transition she shares, ‘I stopped selling the bags when I joined Zidisha because I realized the consumable things move faster than the bags and are something you get people to buy every day, unlike the bags.’

In her time with Zidisha since joining in December 2020, Abigail has raised 9 Zidisha funded loans.

After she raised her first Zidisha funded loan of $13 in December 2020, she followed up with a second loan of $22 and shared, ‘I used the first loan I was given to buy drinks, bottled water, and sachet water. I realized it moves faster than the bags I am selling. That is why I want to concentrate more on consumable things. The demand is going higher and I need to buy more.’

Even with the stress of COVID-19, Abigail is pleased to report that her business has not been harshly affected, writing, ‘The current economic climate does not affect this sector because though we are in economic crisis people still buy consumable things. I buy a bag of water for 3 cedis and I sell one sachet for 20 pewas. I get a profit of 3 cedis on a bag of water. A bag of water contains 30 sachets.’

With her next several loans of $55, $127, and $204, Abigail was able to continue to stock up on drinks and water for her customers.

Next up, Abigail is determined to purchase a refrigerator and freezer as many of her customers ask for chilled water or drinks and she’d love to be able to offer this. Customers have also come to her asking about blocks of ice for weddings, funerals, and other gatherings so this is another product to add to her stock.

On October 16, 2021, Abigail went to her Zidisha discussion page and shared, ‘I will buy a refrigerator for the drinks and other stuff. I know it will help the business grow. I thank all those who funded my project and I know with your help I will be able to achieve my goals. Thank you very much.’

Overall, Abigail has continued to grow and says, ‘I know with time and the help of Zidisha, I will achieve my goals.’

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