A remarkable social entrepreneur


Soni Baidowi is one of our newest members in Indonesia and the first in East Java.  Here is his story:

“My name is Soni Ahmad Baidowi, 26 years old. My family is moslem. I live in a village where moslem and non moslem live harmoniously, called Ranggeh village, regency Gondangwetan, sub-district Pasuruan. I spend my life to teach, building schools for elementary students, junior high scool, high school and expanding my printing business since i was 17 years old until now 26 years old.
I am very happy to see my students succeeding in the future with various knowledge for their advantage when they are looking for jobs. I wish i can create jobs for people around my house so my life can benefit others and so i can be known as a good people until i die…

I have established a Tutoring Institution “DEC” [Daily English Course] in 2009 to provide english teaching, arab, and math to all elementary, junior high, and high school students in the afternoon. DEC is a tutoring institution that runs every afternoon, the place that we use is a building owned by Iwan Hamidi (my brother) by paying Rp 150.000 every month. So DEC is still not yet own its building until now… Every year, the amount of DEC students are increasing. In 2009 we had 45 students, 2011 we had 91 students, 115 students in 2012. This year, “DEC” students totaled 135, and “DEC” has 7 teachers. Very student that studies at “DEC” pays monthly tuition as much as Rp 100.000 (10 dolar more or less)…
I hope that there will be kind lenders that are willing to give me help in a form of loans or grants that i will use to build DEC new decent classroom and to complete DEC facilities…

I always hope that I can create a good relationship with you. Hopefully with all that you entrust to me, Allah will repay to you with a lot more goodness… Me and the big family of DEC… would like to send our gratitude.”

Soni Baidowi raised a first loan of $100 to purchase furniture for his school on August 15, 2013. You may read more at his Zidisha Microfinance profile page.



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