Meet Anisa Lastiani, our newest member in Indonesia!


Ms. Lastiani is currently raising $97 to grow her online bookstore business.  Here is her story, as posted by Ms Lastiani on her Zidisha Microfinance profile page:

My name is Anisa Lastiani. I am 6th child of 6 siblings. This time I was alone with my mother because my father had died and my brothers are living apart. I am still listed as a final year student of Accounting at one state university in the city of Bandung, Indonesia.

While preparing for the end of the [university] session, I had a business buying and selling books online and also worked as a private teacher for elementary school children. I want to develop my business book store
that not only sells online, but also has the original bookstore can be a major source of income, because this time I was the breadwinner of the family.

I have a business online bookstores. I am currently on its website in order to make the system more presentable and professional selling. The name is website. bubudiskon is the abbreviation of discount books.

The website will be launching soon at the end of June 2013. During the time of making the web, I am selling utilizing social networking sites and media makers free advertising on the internet. This business has been running since my first year of college. However I have focused in the past year.

Business selling books is a business that no death. Because even though more and more e-book, is a book everyone needs, be it for education or entertainment. Advantage of this business venture is managed online, so that can be reached by everyone and can be shipped to all parts of Indonesia, especially using a delivery company, such as JNE or Pos Indonesia. Bubudiskon also provide ongoing discounts on every item of his books so that in addition to getting the ease of shopping, the buyer also gets discounted purchases so as to save time and money in shopping.

I was a reseller of several books in the city of Bandung supplier . Thus, the capital cost can be controlled. Gross sales of approximately a month and profit 5 million / month [about US $500] I can be around 20-30%. So I can at least gain about 1-1.5 million [US $100 to $150] / month. This business is still small, but I’m sure if you already have the original store and online stores better system (website), my income will be much greater.

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