Providing Clean Drinking Water Throughout Goaso

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By Betsy Ramser Jaime

Eric Damoah Henneh was raised in Berekum and now lives in Goaso, in the Ahafo region of Ghana. Growing up, he was raised in a family of four with his parents and sister. As a student, he successfully completed his Senior High level studies.

He shares, ‘After my senior high School education there was no help from my parents to further my education so I traveled to Goaso to find some work to do and there I saw the people at that area find it difficult to get good drinking water for domestic uses so I decided to establish one at that area and in fact the business is helping me a lot to get some care for the family.’

In his free time, Eric loves going to the cinema, and watching football, movies, and tv shows.

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So far in his journey with Zidisha, Eric has successfully raised 6 loans. As a new borrower, his first loan amount was $13 and most recently he was able to raise $306. With his first two loans of $13 and $23 in May 2020, he purchased a variety of supplies for his business including: ‘pipe lines, sand, gravel, nail, cement, tiles, wheel barrow, bucket, and head pan. He also used part of the funds to pay for labor costs as well.

After seeing success with his first two loans, Eric raised $60 from lenders, allowing him to buy another poly tank to provide more water to the people in his community.

As the Covid-19 pandemic became more prolific in his community, Eric was at the forefront, prepared to keep his town ready with supplies. Early on, he noticed that people in his town were finding it difficult to purchase the supplies that they desperately needed. With 3 loans of $102, $174, and $306 across May and June, Eric has done his part by purchasing thousands of bottles of hand sanitizers, hand soaps, veronica buckets, and masks to sell in his community.

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As he returned to lenders to raise his $306 loan, Eric shared, ‘First and foremost I have established one hand washing center at my area and I want to establish another one at a different area so I need this loan to buy another ten (10000) litters of poly tank, cements, iron rhodes, pipe lines, face masks, hand gloves and hand Sanitizers to help fight against coronavirus (COVID 19 PANDEMIC) and I know through the help of Zidisha I am going to achieve this dream.’

Throughout 2020, Eric has been able to create massive change in his business and community through the help of supportive Zidisha lenders, as Eric shared on June 13th, ‘In fact the project has helped me a lot to see changes in my life because I have got something to care for my family and thanks to all Zidisha lenders for helping my dream come true and May the good Lord Almighty God bless you all.’

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Eric’s hand washing station

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