Side Hustling to Success

By Betsy Ramser Jaime

‘My name is Diana Adzamani. I come from Ho in the Volta Region of Ghana but am currently staying at Nkwanta in the OTI Region of Ghana. I am a teacher and am married with 3 children.’

In addition to being a teacher, Diana is also a business owner, operating a provisions shop which she is hoping can continue to expand and grow.

Since joining the Zidisha community in July 2021, her lenders have helped her to keep her shop continually stocked.

With her first few loans in July through September, she raised funds to buy an assortment of products for her shop such as, ‘milk products, tomatoes, seasonings, bread, pastries, eggs, toiletries, oil, rice, diapers, drinks, and even frozen foods like meat and fish.’

As Diana continued to receive support from the Zidisha community, she hoped to add pastries and bread for commercial purposes and more natural drinks.

Upon raising a $22 loan in September 2021, Diana shared, ‘The funds raised here will help me add some more items to my shop. Though am still at the beginning stage, I believe gradually I can afford bigger amounts which can buy more to stock my shop.’

Shortly thereafter, she decided to expand more beyond food, to give her customers even more variety, adding sanitary products and antiseptics to her product mix.

One of the advantages of running a small business is that Diana can use trial and error to best meet the needs of her customers. As she becomes more attuned to the needs of her customers, she can alter her stock to give them exactly what they are looking for.

By the end of 2021, Diana was adding groundnuts, grains, and cereals to her shop stock.

Most recently, in February 2022, Diana raised $81 and said, ‘I want to use this loan to buy a carton of noodles and a carton of sardines. I believe in the future I can buy like 5 to 10 cartoons each.’

After receiving her loan she took to her discussion page on February 9 and shared, ‘The previous loan helped me to pay my children’s school fees. At the beginning of each academic year is quite difficult but this year Zidisha Loans have made it easier for me. I’m grateful to all my supporters.’

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