Thanks from Nakuru, Kenya

We’d like to share these notes of appreciation, all of which were posted in the past few days by members in Nakuru, Kenya:

“Dear my lenders am so greatful to all of you. i need to update you with good news on my cow which give birth yesterday. so am very greatful to all of you for this far. now the milk is quite in a big quantity. am now doing so nice with my dairy farming. i hope you could visit my arm and drink a cup of milk. this is great to currentry milking six cows which prodoces about sixty kilos of milk. i then sell the milk to brookside realy moving forward.”

– Posted on July 22, 2013 by Peter Nganga

“Dear Zidisha community, I wish to register my deep appreciation of the new development going on in terms of membership and loaning, thank you Julia and your team.anything aimed at strengthening and creating trust between lenders and borrower should always be welcome. As I speak I now have a brand new Motorbike that I use to travel to my shamba and I gives me alot of pleasure to know that I can now easily manage and plan in to the future with confidence that I can access funding with a community that cares for my business. I have no fear that should a problem arise my property wil not be crudely attached. Zidisha can listen, reschedule, has a platform to keep lenders and borrowers in touch, it is more human than any microfinance in existence.My development remain and will always be entrusted to Zidisha!”

– Posted on July 21, 2013 by Sammy Kimani

“Hi Lenders,
I posted a loan application on 18th July 2013 after clearing a previous loan 17th of the same month. One the same day of 18th the loan was fully funded and disbursed on the night of 19th. This is efficiency that surpasses any bank loan by any bank anywhere in Kenya. It is the kind of system that puts trust and confidence in any entrepreneur worth his/her title, and the beauty of it all is that one doesn’t need to travel anywhere to transact; you do it right in your kitchen, sitting room or while looking after your goats in the wildest part of your country. This kind of thing could not have happened without the architects of Zidisha. I just can’t help asking the borrowers to nurture Zidisha by repaying their loans diligently and inviting members of integrity, because they are the ones who can differentiate the good from the bad members.
Thank you and God’s blessings
Esther Andiwa”

– Posted on July 20, 2013 by Esther Andiwa


Veteran Zidisha entrepreneur Esther Andiwa will use her new loan to purchase three new computers for her cybercafe. She estimates this will allow her to serve many more customers and double her revenue.

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