“This barrier was eliminated”

“I will forever be grateful for the credit you advanced me in April this year. I operated my business for a long time without the benefit of credit facilities. This was not by choice but due to stringent conditions set by local lenders. This made my business to stagnate for a long time and I could just envy my competition some who happened to grow very fast due to credit facility they get from local lenders. The main handicap in my case was lack of collateral but this barrier was eliminated by Zidisha who granted me the loan without much ado. With the $150 from Zidisha, I was able to buy some spare parts and cartridges that I use in my business. This increased efficiency since I was able to serve my clients without asking them for money upfront. This has improved my relationship with my clients who now trust me even more and even made referrals to their partners. As I approach the end of this loan I am already excited about getting the second loan.”

– Muhande Zachary, Mombasa, Kenya


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