“This is truly humanity.”

“hae my lenders,this chilly morning i have remembered you and i have decided that i have to great you and offer my sincere honors and thank you for whatever you are be honest i respect the trust you gave me and anyone else you supported with your loans,it is not easy for a person to give another person especially a stranger whom you have never met or seen.this is truly humanity.i really love your work may you live with that heart and i assure you that a giving hand is more blessed than a receiving hand.for sure you are beautiful blessed. ”

– Posted on July 7, 2013 by Margaret Huine in Komothai, Kenya

Ms. Huine is a single mother who supports herself and five children by keeping layer chickens and selling the eggs.  She raised her first $100 loan to increase her flock of layers in May of this year.  You may read more about her story at her Zidisha Microfinance profile page.

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