To Reuse or not to Reuse

Meet Recheal Wairimu from Nakuru, Kenya. In a region robust in agriculture, manufacturing and tourism sectors, Recheal decided to employ a different methodology of conducting business, where she has been retailing second hand clothing, specifically in the production of beddings and towels. She attributes the success of her business to the high quality items she provides at relatively reasonable prices. The Zidisha loan has assisted her enormously, allowing her to expand her business further and in reducing the risk of finding non-retail-able items in bales. Little did she know that undertaking such a risk would lead to the prosperity of her business.
In the month of February, Recheal’s lender left a comment on her loan profile page, suggesting that she could perhaps convert the unsaleable bale materials into quilts or other items to generate greater profits for her store. On seeing this comment, Recheal decided to try out her lender’s idea and the results were surprisingly positive! She took some of the unsalable material to a tailor and eventually converted them all to bags for kindergardeners. She even diligently decorated the bags in order to render them beautiful! Her innovative techniques are definitely commendable and should inspire other retail store owners to pursue such tactics.

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