Travel Agent to Business Owner

By Betsy Ramser Jaime

Anita Ajei of Accra, Ghana shares, ‘I am a mother of two and work as a travel agent. The impact of the covid 19 pandemic has really slowed down travels and so it is necessary to find a side business to do so I can help cater for my family.’

2020 and 2021 have forced many people into entrepreneurship not only out of a passion for business but for others, pure necessity.

In describing her business, Anita writes, ‘I started an online business to supply beauty products to friends and associates to make something to help my finances. I was into the sale of Nivea products but now buy other products to sell to enhance my online and personal sales. Selling different kinds of stuff online and off online helps as sometimes one product does not really move. I sell other products like canned Tuna Royal Atlantic tuna in chunks and flake on the retail level and it is also a moving product.’

Anita has smartly made the decision to diversify her business by trying out different products to see how well they sell.

So far in her time with Zidisha Anita has been able to raise seven Zidisha funded loans, beginning with $12 in March 2021. With this first loan, she was able to buy cosmetic products to sell online and in a variety of shops.

A month later, with a second loan for $31, Anita shared, ‘To buy more products for distributions and online sales and also supply customers directly. I’ll also add other products to boost sales so I’ll generate more profit to be able to pay loans on time.’

By May, Anita had raised two loans for $78 and $125 as she sought to add new products to her business and diversify, as she shares, ‘The new loan I want to take will help me to add new products to my online business..sales keep switching so day in and day out you have to get new products to always keep you in business. Customers always want new stuff so any new additions will help boost sales.’

Most recently, in November, Anita raised $198 as she continued to buy more products and inventory for her customers.

Would you like to make a difference in the life of an entrepreneur like Anita? Make sure to head on over to our Browse Projects page to see how other Zidisha business owners are changing their communities around the world.

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