Zidisha entrepreneur supplies community with public restrooms


By Naroa Zurutuza

I’m Naroa Zurutuza, Zidisha’s Client Relationship Manager in Kenya. In my last visit to Githurai Progressive I had the pleasure to meet Duncan Nzangi.

Mr. Nzangi used to have a fast food stand in Githurai market. However, around one year ago, he made a decision that was going to have a positive impact in his local community.

As many areas in Nairobi, streets are dirty, full of dust and garbage. In consequence many people don’t care too much about the environment and since finding a public restroom is rare, people use the street instead. Mr. Nzangi decided to try to change this and built the first public restrooms in Githurai.

Seing the success of the first stablishment (he has around 50 users per day who pay 5-10KSH [US $0.03 – $0.06] to use the toilets), not long time ago he opened the second public restrooms in the area. He agreed with the landlord a price for the construction and a monthly rental rate. He used the first Zidisha loan to pay part of the construction expenses (there are still some small details that need to be finished). With this initiative, he will contribute to make his community a cleaner place.

You may view more comments and photos at Duncan Nzangi’s Zidisha Microfinance Profile page.


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