If your loan profile is chosen for inclusion in the Featured category, it will be among the first projects shown to lenders when they visit our website. Loans that make it into the Featured category have a substantially higher chance of being fully funded.

Here are the criteria that we use to decide which loan profiles to feature:

1. Repayment Record

Ensure you maintain a high on-time repayment rate score. We do not usually feature any profiles with a poor on-time repayment rate for past loans.

2. Photo Quality

This is one of the most important criteria, because the photo quality is what attracts potential lenders to click on your profile. We do not feature any profiles with poor photo quality, even if the repayment record and writing in the profile is very good. We are likely to feature your application if your photo meets these three criteria:

  • Describes your business or area of investment. For example, if you have a store, take a photo of yourself in your store. If you are raising a loan for school tuition, you may choose a photo of yourself at a desk studying.
  • Shows your face clearly. Make sure the photo is not too far away or too dark.
  • Shows you smiling. Your loan application is much more likely to be funded if you smile, because lenders tend to be drawn first to smiling photos.

3. Clear Business Proposal

We do not normally feature any applications that do not explain clearly what will be bought with the loan funds and how this will improve your business or quality of life. "The loan will be used to expand my business" is not precise enough - you should instead explain what exactly you will buy and why it is needed. It is also nice if you list the prices of items in US Dollars, so that lenders can understand what each thing costs in a currency with which they are familiar.

4. Communication with Lenders

We are much more likely to feature your profile if you have been posting updates regularly and responding to lender questions in the Comments section. You should post comments not only while you are fundraising, but also regularly throughout the lending period once you have taken out a loan. These can be business updates, or general sharing of news about life in your country, successes of your children, and any other thing that may be of interest to your lenders and supporters.

5. Something Interesting or Memorable

We are much more likely to feature a profile that tells lenders somthing that is unique or inspiring. Think about what makes your own story special and include it in the "About Me" section of your profile. For example, if you taught yourself to type using cybercafes, or have adopted orphans, or serve as a choir leader, these are all memorable things that will help you connect with potential lenders.