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  • Anita Tetteh
    Kwashieman- Acr..., Ghana

    Jan 22, 2018

    Hello everyone, please I will like to know the problem I have with my loan application, this is because I have always mentioned 100% on time repayments ever since I joined this noble organisation but I have been has never been funded fully after it expires for the sixth time upon my loan application.
    This current application is my seventh, my loan application photo looks just perfect and most importantly I am really in need of this current loan for my business, as a result of my declines I am even thinking and this have given serious health problems.
    Please what is wrong with my loan, someone should please helet.

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  • Nelly Mungai
    Ruaka Town, Kenya

    Jan 24, 2018

    Hey Anita,I hope your loan will be funded this time round,Thank you Joist for the good work

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