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  • Elvis Kosgei
    Eldoret, Kenya

    Jan 23, 2018

    I am so disappointed with Zidisha, you have been sending me emails that I am eligible to invite new members and once I have done that without informing that incase the invitees fail to repay the loan I will be responsible to ensure that they pay their loans back.... now my loans can't be funded at all yet I am 100% on time repayment since I joined Zidisha.
    I have posted my loan for funding three times now and without even 1% funding. I did my part to invite them and now you can't put their burden on me again, let their volunteer mentors follow up since I have tried all I could to the best of my knowledge. As at now I have now debt with you and if my loans cant' be funded anymore, I rather quite Zidisha and seek other loan lenders of which I will built a trust with them like I did with you before you fail me.

  • Yussif Yahaya
    Kumasi, Ghana

    Jan 23, 2018

    Then the best thing is to tell us to wait for while before we can post our loans.

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