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  • Benard Kaoto
    Kakrigu, Kenya

    Jan 23, 2018

    Kindly i would like to thank the Zidisha organization for having considered my loans applications since i joined Zidisha. I'm happy for that noble cause. However, i would like to appeal to the organization to assist me more. I finished my loan efficiently in December 2017,but i have been struggling to post for another funding but without success. The first attempt did not go through eventually it was not funded, it was supposed to be KES 161,000/= but it the limit was reduced instead to KES 121,465.i reapplied again and it ended up not successful and not even funded.
    Since the limit was reduced despite my on time repayments of 98%.i decided to apply again with the same reduced limit. I have never defaulted and i have been repaying timely and promptly. Kindly do me a favour ,i have reapplied again. I have quoted my budget for the loan and posted. This time i will venture into bananas and pawpaws farming. Kindly treat my request with lots of concern and consideration. Thanks God bless you.

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    • Nelson Kisia
      Gidagadi, Kenya

      Jan 24, 2018

      it appears like there are some technical errors somewhere. I have applied for a loan too but no funding

    • Mis Hernawati
      Bandung Barat, Indonesia

      Jan 24, 2018

      Hi @Benard Kaoto, you do not need to despair. Not just you who experience it. Many other members who experienced it, from various countries. I feel the same way, twice expired, but we have to keep the spirit and believe that the zidisha and the lenders will help us. Director Julia has provided an explanation on the forum with the Announcement category. You can open it here:

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      Hai @Benard Kaoto, anda tidak perlu putus asa. Bukan hanya anda yang mengalami hal tersebut. Banyak anggota lain yang mengalaminya, dari berbagai negara.

      Sayapun merasakan hal yang sama, dua kali kadaluarsa, tapi kita harus tetap semangat dan yakin bahwa zidisha dan para lenders akan membantu kita.

      Direktur Julia telah memberikan penjelasan di forum dengan kategori Pengumuman.
      Anda bisa membukanya disini :

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  • Mamat Rahmat
    Cirebon, Indonesia

    Jan 24, 2018

    Yes I did, my loan expired after 3 submissions. And now it is 0%, and already explained by Julia zidisha in forum. I remain patient and always pray to be funded, keep the spirit.

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    Iya saya pun mengalami demikian, pinjaman saya kadaluarsa setelah 3 kali pengajuan. Dan sekarang masih 0%, dan sudah dijelaskan oleh Julia zidisha di forum. Saya tetap bersabar dan selalu berdoa agar bisa terdanai, tetap semangat.

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