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  • Edwin Mmwacha
    Nairobi, Kenya

    Jan 26, 2018

    Most of my invitees are getting discouraged since they ask me if I was funded and all I can answer is not yet. Its becoming tricky even to tell them to pay so that they can get funding I just hope funding will come soon so that I can restore confidence to them and urge them that Zidisha still works and its all systems running.

    • Joost
      Noord Brabant, Netherlands

      Feb 1, 2018

      Did you also question yourself why you are experiencing difficulty to get your loan request fully funded?

      Your score is 87%. There are many other competing loan requests with a better score. The chance that those loans are chosen by lenders is much higher.

      So please give your invitees the advice to do their repayments on time so they keep a better score.

      Lenders loaned with good faith that they would be paid back in a timely manner. Zidisha is a powerful tool when used correctly to grow a business. Do not let your invitees throw away an opportunity to prosper in the future.

  • Jan 29, 2018

    If you are saying that your invitees are becoming reluctant to pay off their loans, then I can tell you as a lender that the repayment rate is the most important factor in my decision to lend someone money.

    Further, the sooner borrowers repay their loans, the sooner Zidisha's automatic relending fund will be replenished.

    So do encourage your invitees to repay on time, both for their own credit rating and for the benefit of others.

  • Volunteer Mentor
    George Kiio
    Muthwani, Kenya

    Jan 31, 2018

    Good answer Bastiaan

  • Jan 31, 2018

    I think repayment of loans should be priority number one. Secondly to our lenders I think should as well increase their pace i n time taken to fund loans otherwise I still believe Zidisha is the best

  • Edwin Mmwacha
    Nairobi, Kenya

    Feb 1, 2018

    My repayment score might not be extremely high but its one of the best I have seen other loans with 51% score getting funded so that really is not an issue Joost business in my country face challenges but I have continued to be faithful in my repayment. I hope my invitees won't jeopardize my future at Zidisha coz clearly you urged me to invite the people I trust and clearly even if i convince them to pay, repayment still stands at the discretion of Zidisha and them. I have read the FAQs properly so if my invitees will hurt my loan proposal that's a totally new thing. I always try to update my lenders. Pay early if I can post my pictures. Explain well my business portfolio and follow all rules I just believe its maybe because my application is ranked at the bottom numbers thats why lenders cant see. Anyways thanks for the enlightenment of my invitees I continue to follow them up but businesses in my country in the past 1 month have been staggering. I continue to be hopeful that they will heed to my call and pay up.

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    • Feb 2, 2018

      "even if i convince them to pay, repayment still stands at the discretion of Zidisha and them."

      I don't understand what this means. But anyway, repayment is not discretionary. Anyone who borrows money is under an obligation to repay that loan. Those who do not repay, lose their ability to take out future loans, and they risk legal action (at Zidisha's discretion).

  • Edwin Mmwacha
    Nairobi, Kenya

    Feb 2, 2018

    I agree with you Baastian I just hope my persistence towards them will bear fruit truly human being even though friends can be quite disappointing. Long live Zidisha

  • Sigit Asi Saputra
    Bandar Lampung, Indonesia

    Feb 3, 2018

    Talk about credit score ... my credit score is very good ... I invite my friend to join ... and for the first loan his response is very quick to his danai ... but I am experiencing now it"s been 7 days yet funded this happens in my 3rd filing ... if later this happens to colleagues who I invite what I have to say .. zidiaha is not a bank..and its funds may be limited ... for those who wait for funding is too long or until repeatedly submitting a loan proposal that surely makes them desperate ...

    Translated by Google     Show original

    bicara tentang nilai kredit...
    nilai kredit saya sangat baik...
    saya mengundang teman saya untuk gabung...
    dan untuk pinjaman pertama respon nya sangat cepat untuk di danai nya...akan tetapi yang saya alami sekarang ini sudah 7 hari belum terdanai ini terjadi di pengajuan ke 3 saya ...jika nanti ini terjadi kepada rekan yang saya undang apa yang harus saya katakan..
    zidiaha memang bukan bank..dan dana nya mungkin terbatas...
    untuk yang menunggu pendanaan yang terlalu lama atau sampai berulang ulang mengajukan proposal pinjaman itu pasti membuat mereka putus asa ...

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