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  • Volunteer Mentor
    John Thiaro
    Nakuru, Kenya

    Jan 27, 2018

    Hi Madam director - Julia, Zidisha staff and fellow members,

    Since it is now undeniable fact that the number of loans being funded to 100% has reduced drastically; we ought to come up with a strategy to make sure that this is addressed rather than lamenting how the funding is not available.

    There a number of ways I had thought, but this is purely my personal ideas.

    1. The existing members should be given priority for display of their loans.
    2. The priority should be based on the following:-
    a) The first loan to be filled should be given priority ( first come first served)
    b) Each category should have about 10 loans ie Beauty, Clothing Production, Education all the way to Transportation.
    c) The repayment rates should be applied with the highest score 100% being given preference to lower rates like 30%.
    d) When this is done, the cycle should go to the next schedule.
    e) New applicants should be stopped until enough funds are available.

    It is better to wait for a year and know that your loan funding is scheduled rather than wait for something which is uncertain.

    Although Zidisha is not a bank, banks will always tell you on your face that your loan is declined and the reasons disclosed.

    These are not all the solutions and I hope that you can amend them and add others.

    Thank you all.


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