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  • Tony Richu
    Eldoret, Kenya

    Jan 30, 2018

    I embrace the new rule as implemented by Zidisha on approving loans proposal before going live to lenders. Its a milestone, so to speak....remove clutter and remain with serious people.

    On the other hand, truth be told the time it takes is a bit of a shocker. I browsed through comments and I am worried......I know how it feels on our side. Sometimes it shatters hope beyond repair (not mine though). My kind request to Mother Julia, or Dave or anyone is, is there a way we can try to quicken the approval time? Probably a known, fixed period so that we do not worry about the "unknown time"...?

    But still, I understand that it is an ethical measure, but...............

    Thanks, ZidiStaff!

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  • Volunteer Mentor
    Kossonou Yao
    Kumasi, Ghana

    Feb 3, 2018

    I know borrowers who do not find this approval time short. What can be said is the decision of the Zidisha Team. As I often say who will not protect his interests?

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