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  • Jan 31, 2018

    I would like to know if it is possible for zidisha staff to at least give an estimate of when a loan application will be approved/be completely reviewed.
    I put up my application 6 days ago and I still see the 'loan application pending review from zidisha staff.. ' on my dashboard.
    This is literally heartbreaking because I have kept my on time payment record at 95% and I honestly don't see why it should take so long. Plus now everything else is on hold for me pending receipt of this loan, I need to start work soon or make a loss.
    I can understand if there are some structural changes going on in the system but at least put out some information so I know whether to depend solely on zidisha or not.
    I'm still hopeful things will sort themselves out soon but I'd really appreciate the information next time.

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