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  • Jan 31, 2018

    As a borrower, allow pass my complement to all the lenders. We live in a competitive world where "verything" bears the term scarce due to hard economic times.
    Zidisha has brought in a forum where borrowers meet lenders and the transactions goes without any security.
    I as a borrower this has made me build my own boat, buy a goat and today am waiting to put up the walls to our care center.
    Honestly my brethren, take a pat on the back for lifting our standards of living.
    To all fellow borrowers for the times I have been in Zidisha, one thing I have realised "Honesty pays".

    The little or much we get let's pay back in time that we may develop trust with the lenders and this relationship will make another person somewhere get this revolving money.

    To our lenders, thanks alot.
    To volunteer employees you work round the clock to answer all our questions on behalf of all I thank you.
    Zidisha to live and long life.

  • Volunteer Mentor
    Kossonou Yao
    Kumasi, Ghana

    Feb 1, 2018

    You said it all. Thank you. God bless you , all lenders and Zidisha team.

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  • Anthony Muiru
    Chuka, Kenya

    Feb 6, 2018

    May I also takecthis opportunity to congratulate Zidisha team and lenders for granting borrowers a platform whereby we are able to get funds and uplift our living standards and society at large.
    We as borrowers are able to meet our target which we were unable to hit through other financial institutions .
    Dear lenders we are very much grateful for your contributions , it is hard to trust someone with ones hard earned money but you have done it to us ,thank you for that and may the Lord keep on increasing you and expand your boundaries and territories .
    As for me you are excellent, Zidisha team and lenders congratulations.

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