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  • Andreas1974
    Fristad, Sweden

    Feb 3, 2018

    How can I see how much money that is still "active" of the money I've lent?
    I can't find a proper summary. It seems there are hundreds of people that I've been lending to (with the automatic relending setting), and that's fine, but with so many lenders, I need to see some kind of summary, to know how much of my money that is still out there.

    The only summary I can find is on the transaction history page where I find my current account balance (money on my account, not lent to anyone yet), and the "total lending funds uploaded". Is there no way to see the sum currently lent?

    • Joost
      Noord Brabant, Netherlands

      Feb 3, 2018

      I am having a Withdrawable account and I am missing that overview as well.

      It might be available if I convert my account to “Impact Investment”. But I haven’t seen a picture of it yet.

  • Joshi
    United States

    Feb 4, 2018

    on the 'Transaction History' page;
    - 'Total lending funds uploaded' amount is shown
    - Just above it, 'Lending account balance' is shown. (Also displayed on upper right, next to your name, on every page)
    Difference between the two is the 'active money' that has been lent out. Wonder if you meant something else when you say 'active money'.

    What I find missing is a way on the 'Your impact' page to filter for loans that are overdue. Those are the ones I want to check on for updates and if needed, post reminders.

    • Joost
      Noord Brabant, Netherlands

      Feb 5, 2018

      Now I can see the following (fictional) info:
      - “Your account has received $100 in lending funds since you joined.”
      - “Your lending funds have been recycled into $321 worth of loans”
      - “You've supported 5 loan projects around the world.”
      - 10$ on my Zidisha account to relend.

      But how much much money is still lended isn’t visible. Is this 90$ or did I lose money ( and is it now worth 80$ and is it time to add transfer some extra money from PayPal to Zidisha.

      Is this missing info available if I convert my account to a “Impact Investment” account?

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      • Feb 5, 2018

        Yes. My account shows the following:

        Lending funds uploaded: -amount I paid-

        Total current value of lending fund: -amount I paid plus credits-
        Loan principal outstanding: -amount currently being lent-
        Lending account credit available: -amount available for new loans-

        Then it also shows Impact Investment growth credits and Foreign currency exchange rate gain or loss.

        As I understand it, this information is not shown for withdrawable accounts because of US financial regulations.

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        • Joost
          Noord Brabant, Netherlands

          Feb 8, 2018

          Thank you for this info. I have now converted my account.

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  • jtreyes
    United States

    Apr 25, 2018

    Hello, I am based in the US with an Impact Investing account but only see this info in the transaction summary:

    Lending account balance: $xxx.xx
    Total lending funds uploaded: $xxx.xx
    Total donations last year: $xxx.xx

    Is there a different page that has this info:

    Lending funds uploaded:
    Total current value of lending fund:
    Loan principal outstanding:
    Lending account credit available:
    Impact Investment growth credits and Foreign currency exchange rate gain or loss.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

  • jtreyes
    United States

    Apr 27, 2018

    Thank you for the screenshot. I don't have the "Lending Fund Value" option available even though my account is setup as Impact Investing. I will contact Zidisha to clarify. Thank you.

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