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  • Eva Tetteh
    Kwashieman, Ghana

    Feb 8, 2018

    I find it very difficult to understand why the technical team are unable to resolve the trouble shooting on my account.
    Just after my loan application four days ago, I tried to edit my loan application before it will be posted, but I was unable because the photo couldnt upload I posted the problem on this forum but I was asked to use support ticket which I did.
    Today I got a reply to resize the photo to 1200 pixel which I did but still my photo could not be uploaded.
    I will if really this technical team of zidisha works?

    • Joost
      Noord Brabant, Netherlands

      Feb 9, 2018

      You could also take a screenshot of your photo and upload that screenshot.
      Below some tips.

      Photo Quality
      This is one of the most important criteria, because the photo quality is what attracts potential lenders to click on your profile. We do not feature any profiles with poor photo quality, even if the repayment record and writing in the profile is very good. We are likely to feature your application if your photo meets these four criteria:
      - Describes your business or area of investment. For example, if you have a store, take a photo of yourself in your store. If you are raising a loan for school tuition, you may choose a photo of yourself at a desk studying.
      - Shows your face clearly. Make sure the photo is not too far away or too dark.
      - Shows you smiling. Your loan application is much more likely to be funded if you smile, because lenders tend to be drawn first to smiling photos.
      - Use a landscape oriented photo. A portrait photo is cropped and the lenders can’t see most of it.

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  • Country Liaison
    United States

    Feb 10, 2018

    To understand about why replies can take a long time,
    as well as other things about how Zidisha works,
    please read the information at these links:
    Thank you.

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