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  • Richard Momanyi
    Mombasa, Kenya

    Feb 10, 2018

    What criteria is being used to get the loans out of waiting list to funding stage. I am asking because I can see big loans which were made recently and they are already at fundraising stage while I have been waiting for a week now and mine is a smaller loan.

    • Lender since 23 Jan 2015... Staff Member since 26 Mar 2015
      United States

      Feb 10, 2018

      We on staff have no idea how it is determined which loan requests get wait-listed and which loan requests do not. I have asked our Director and will update here if a reply is provided. Since it's been about a week since I asked, and usually questions are answered within three business days, it's possible that she missed the question (I'm sure you can imagine the volume of questions she gets from the staff),
      or perhaps it's random selection by the system.

      Regarding when the loan requests would be removed from the wait-list and placed into "Approve Loan Profiles" (the next step before making it into "Browse Projects" for Lenders to see), please read:
      Please also see Dave's post just above my post here:
      I had forgotten that about the Zidisha-managed lending accounts!
      That was a different question that I had asked on our staff chat platform and had received a reply about. We still don't know yet, though, about the other question:
      the criteria by which loan requests get wait-listed and which ones don't.

      • Linda Prempeh
        Accra, Ghana

        Feb 14, 2018

        Thank you very much. Can't the loan be review by Zidisha staffs during the waiting-list period?

  • Richard Momanyi
    Mombasa, Kenya

    Feb 11, 2018

    Thank you Laurie for the insight. Apparently there is no clear pattern as to how loans are prioritized.

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