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  • Joyce Orembe
    Ritembu, Kenya

    Feb 18, 2018

    Hello zidisha lenders, thanks for the loans and continued support of myjoyce clothes and Bontique enterprises. I had applied for 9,130 KES. and my loan was published for funding less than four days. At the expiry of that period my loan funded 44%. On 17/02/2018 at 11.50 p.m. MBH7SYTOPB confirmed received 3,607KES. On 18/02/2018 at 12.03 a.m. you sent me a SMS that your loan of 7,214 KES is disbursed! for me to log into my account and view my repayment schedule. Please enlighten me on this second message.

    Thank you,
    Joyce Orembe.

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