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  • Volunteer Mentor
    Christian Golo
    Accra, Ghana

    Feb 25, 2018

    Zidisha offers the greatest opportunity to young entrepreneurs in Africa and beyond
    to help them grow their business and pay school fees (educate or train themselves) for the future.
    Remember it is very important to make regular payments and never default. Even if the repayment
    amounts are small it is still better than having past dues. In this way you can continue to borrow from
    Zidisha. With the presence of Zidisha in Africa and in Ghana, in the next ten years, I can see that,
    there would be more successfully entrepreneurs in Africa and in Ghana more than ever before.
    Long live Zidisha!
    Long live lenders!!
    Long live Zidisha Team!!!
    Long live Lady Julia the founder!!!

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