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  • Feb 25, 2018

    By now,everyone should have noticed that zidisha deals with technical errors day in day out. as a software developer,and web designer,i am certain zidisha has the capacity to deploy best methods in the day to day running of the platform. we cant always keep raising issues of technical errors. like right now some of the loan projects are not visible in the project list,while the funding days are elapsing. my loan project included. i know zidisha staff are doing their best,but i think they can do better,.both lenders and borrowers are complaining of the errors.this is a type of a platform that should efficiently run.; one error to the next only makes things worse. The chief technical officer or whoever deals with the codes should really deal with the technical error issues.we would love to see zidisha become worlds best peer to peer lending platform ,but that wont happen when most of the occuring issue here is technical errors. e.g, html text occuring on the platform, and many more, please,technical errors should be dealt with accordingly.even if it means increasing the 5% service fee to 10% to cater for the technical personell. right now,my project has been missing from the project list for 3 days

  • Zidisha Volunteer
    United Kingdom

    Feb 25, 2018

    Hello Anthony.
    Sorry about the technical problems, and I understand your frustration.
    We only have 2 technical people here at Zidisha and they're always working hard, but I guess that's both good and bad!
    I agree, there have been too many technical errors in the 5 months I've been a volunteer so far, but on the other hand I've seen a lot of things fixed and improved, and I'm sure those improvements will continue.

    • Feb 26, 2018

      i am hopefull it will. but my loan is still missing from the project list with ony 2 days remaining on it.
      since it got lost from the project list funding stopped

      • Joshi
        United States

        Feb 26, 2018

        Anthony, I did see your loan yesterday and is visible today too. I did not check it earlier but I think your loan has not got fully funded yet since we have lot of loans competing for funds and not because your loan was not visible. Of course I understand that whatever the reason, it is still frustrating to see loan expire without being fully funded.

        One thing I can think of is that now that a partially funded loan amount can be accepted by borrower, maybe 50% funding that you have secured so far will be of help to you?

        While I do agree that there have been lot of technical errors, I also want to make note of all the time spend by the volunteers to make lot of things work. Hope things settle down and this wonderful platform continues to thrive.

  • Abdul Karim Bukari
    Techiman, Ghana

    Feb 26, 2018

    I do agree to the increase in service fees to help the system read a little bit faster. Because borrowers and lenders go through alot of frustrations these days. This may however, due to increase in the number of borrowers on the platform hence the need to increase service fees to cater for some of these problems and help improve funding.

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    • Feb 26, 2018

      true. it beats logic to be proud of 5% flat rate interest on all loans when technical errors are the order of the day. zidisha is based in the USA. the home of google,apple,microsoft,,facebook,twitter. where ,. if it was somalia maybe we could understand why,.

      • Julie
        Free-attle, United States

        Feb 28, 2018

        Anthony, those companies have tens of thousands of software engineers. Zidisha has two, who I'm sure are diligently working to solve issues. I'm sorry you don't understand that.

        • Mar 2, 2018

          yes.they have tens of thousands of engineers.but did they start with tens of thousand of engineers?? no,they started with one or two,thats why i am suggesting zidisha to increase the service fee to 10% or 12% so that more software engineers can be hired

  • Huzeifa Iddriss
    Agona Swedru, Ghana

    Feb 26, 2018

    zidisha has come of age to have country demonstrator that will manage each country,and services fee 5% can be increase by 1% we can also get some volunteers from each country that can help solve issues that come ups in every country

  • Zidisha Volunteer
    United Kingdom

    Feb 26, 2018

    Hello all.
    The problem of some loans not appearing in the Browse Projects area has now been fixed.
    It seemed to be related to the recent change mentioned here:
    where the 14 days fundraising only starts after the loan's been reviewed by staff, if applicable.
    Sorry about the problem.

  • Feb 28, 2018

    Hello Dave, I think borrower's loan not appearing on the project is not the only techical problem here, also posting comments for assigned members and invites who in arrears is also impossible as well as editing ones loan application.
    Mine is a typical example.

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