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  • Georgina Gadi Agbakkey
    Ghana Kumasi, Ghana

    Nov 13, 2017

    What do I do if my loan is very less than what I needed to grow my business?

  • Zidisha Volunteer
    United Kingdom

    Nov 15, 2017

    Hello Georgina.

    You can qualify for future credit limit increases of 50% if you maintain at least a 90% on-time repayment rate and make the final repayment on time.
    Note that the on-time repayment score only counts repayments that are made after the date that your first payment's due. For example, if your first payment is due on Nov 30th and you've fully repaid the loan before then, it won't count for the on-time repayment score.
    You can also qualify for an early repayment bonus if you pay it back before a specified date. Your Current Credit Limit page will display that date later, since your loan is currently awaiting funding.

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