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  • Volunteer Mentor
    Agyeiwaa Adwoa
    Atebubu, Ghana

    Mar 6, 2018

    Dear zidisha staff
    l would like to take this opportunity to suggest that it you suspend new applicants for sometime because my little observation l have made since l joined zidisha and now people joining are deliberately refused to pay back loan that is why l think funding these has be slow , at first zidisha wasn't like this .please we all want zidisha and its lenders to be there for long to assistance less privilege people with high vision like myself .
    second l would like to suggest that you should like every applicant chooses their own mentor so that, before choosing mentor would know if the one under him or her default payment , you the mentor would be hold responsible , for instance me as a mentor before l would l allow myself to be chosen l do a lot check and get to know you well and would portion any blames on zidisha that they chose the mentee for me . we all want zidisha to live long and its lenders as well thank you.

    • Mar 6, 2018

      This is a brilliant suggestion by Agyeiwaa. Choosing our mentor rather than system generated will improve cordiality and ensure that the system works smoothly. My assigned volunteer mentor for example has never called me. I took it upon myself to call him. Sad to say that for more than one month, this fellow has refused to pick the call or return the call. This attitude derails progress.

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      • Joost
        Noord Brabant, Netherlands

        Mar 7, 2018

        Did you already create a support ticket using the help menu (

        Because a Mentor who isn’t mentoring doesn’t sound right. I don’t know if they can help you but you should at least try it.

        • Volunteer Mentor
          Christian Golo
          Accra, Ghana

          Mar 8, 2018

          Thank you Joost. Truly, a mentor can be change if you log ticket at the support ticket using the help menu.

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    • Hanna Boadu
      Kumasi, Ghana

      Mar 8, 2018

      Good suggestion.

  • Martin Kimani Mwangi
    Bahati, Nakuru, Kenya

    Mar 6, 2018

    The prolonged waiting is stressful and understandably tedious, but on the other other hand Zidisha team should remain open, focused and assume an all-embracing attitude, i.e. let's be accommodating. I believe it's this spirit of brotherly love that bore this wonderful idea. We are brother's keepers. Best regards

  • Volunteer Mentor
    Boakye Rita
    Drobo, Ghana

    Mar 8, 2018

    Yes l also support what my colleague mentor is saying because you choose the mentee for us certain times it makes those defaulters difficult to insist on them to pay back the loans but I think if they are allow to choose their own mentor as it was initially done this will better and chose mentor closer to your town or found within your locality.
    I also support the idea of introducing the the 10% as the rusk charge together 5% as the one time charges this will attract more lenders to come on board to support the funding.
    Thirdly l will also advised that you should get rid of the unnecessary decline and frequent error occurrence. Thank you

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