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  • Nov 14, 2017

    I paid my loan in full after incresing members loan fund so as to raise my credit limit. I was given a chance to apply a new loan which was partly funded, then it expired. I checked again and noted that this time round the loan was paid 99% and I had a balance of KES 32 which I paid. Since then the loan is still showing expired and nothing happens when I click creat new loan. I have written several messages in vain. Kindly assist me, I had committed lots of funds to the MLF and my business is suffering.

    • Volunteer Mentor
      Sefah Reindolf
      Abetifi, Ghana

      Nov 14, 2017

      Please kindly write at the support ticket and ZIDISHA team will attend to you.

    • Anglophone Country Liaison
      Chuah Yujie

      Nov 15, 2017

      The loan was previously expired as you still have an active loan not fully repaid. I have checked your account that it is fully repaid now and you have posted a new loan application. Good luck for the funding!

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