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Untuk anggota di Indonesia, dalam Bahasa Indonesia.

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Pending Review of my loan.

Hi all, I hope you are all well,my question is,how long does it take for a zidisha staff to review ones loan application? I received a call yesterd...

4 Jan 22 Borrower Questions

Happy Belated Birthday Laurie

Happy Belated Birthday Laurie. May all your dreams and wishes come true. Thank you for all of your hard work in Zidisha. I miss you in the for...

7 Jan 22 Random

Pencairan kredit gagal

Keterangan karena bank tidak sah, padahal biasa nya tidak begini

2 Jan 22 Indonesia

Temporary reduction in lending capital

Lending from Zidisha-managed donation accounts is currently reduced due to the discovery of technical errors which had allowed lending to exceed av...

59 Jan 21 Announcements

wrong bank

how can i change my bank from BRI TO BCA ... my mistake not look prevently ... sorry before ...

1 Jan 21 Indonesia

Why so?

Zidisha should kindly reflects my last 2 weeks repayments into my account for me coz I'm getting a bad feeling right now. Why?

2 Jan 21 Borrower Questions

Can anyone please help this borrower?

https://www.zidisha.org/loan/loan-to-set-up-a-gallery-shop-for-my-artworks/discussion He would like to start paying after a very long break.

2 Jan 21 Borrower Questions


I have 100 percent on time repayment and have also paying into the MLF fund every time I apply for a loan. But this is my second loan and it's some...

4 Jan 21 Borrower Questions

Technical error causing borrower account declines

A technical error has caused some borrower accounts to be incorrectly declined over the past three days. Please accept my sincere apologies for th...

28 Jan 21 Announcements

Loan Review and expedition.

Hello,my loan not approved yet. Also have a question about a service we used to have called expedition.Where did it go? Approve my loan please

4 Jan 21 Borrower Questions

Loan not funded

It is now about four days and my loan application still remain 0% funded, why?

1 Jan 21 Borrower Questions

l cant find my profile

I cant find my profile picture on project why my loan application is stiill progerss

3 Jan 20 Borrower Questions

Why loan applications may not be funded immediately

Zidisha is not a bank, but a marketplace that brings together lenders and borrowers who wish to raise loans. Sometimes there is more lending c...

40 Jan 20 Announcements

Invited Members

Hi, I invited two members into Zidisha sometime back and helped them through the application process and how Zidisha operates. They applied for a ...

2 Jan 20 Borrower Questions

problem with my loan payment

Hi zidisha,what could be the problem with my loan payment please

3 Jan 20 Borrower Questions


It is past three business days after paying into the MLF but have not been credited to my account. Which section on my dashboard will I find how to...

6 Jan 20 Borrower Questions

Pinjaman kedua

Pinjaman kedua susah trrdanai saya lihat sebagian member pun sama akan hal yang saya alami...ada apakah dengan semua ini

2 Jan 20 Indonesia


am areliable customer with my on time repayment of 90%. instead what now troubles me after every two weeks your systems bring my old account which ...

3 Jan 20 Borrower Questions

Kapan dana pinjaman cair

Kapan bisa meminjam uangnya?

2 Jan 20 Indonesia

loan application pending for staff view

i`m just asking how long it takes for a loan application to be viewed? mine is now 4 days unviewed

2 Jan 19 Borrower Questions