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Borrower Questions

A space for borrowers to post questions about how Zidisha works.

4150 May 22

Lender Questions

A space for lenders to post questions about how Zidisha works.

335 May 20

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The main forum for Zidisha-related topics.

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Announcements by Zidisha staff.

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If it's not about Zidisha, it's here.

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Untuk anggota di Indonesia, dalam Bahasa Indonesia.

1103 May 21
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Lost of Number

I have lost my number l registered with zidisha. Unfortunately for me it was not registered with my name .I bought it and somebody did the registra...

10 May 21 Borrower Questions

Credit risk payments

Starting this week, new loans will be asked to make a 10% credit risk payment into the Members Loan Fund. Zidisha is a nonprofit organization, a...

77 May 21 Announcements

Dapet email pencairan 10.000

Masa iya pinjaman cma 10.000 Dipake beli permen aja ga cukup Mohon penjelasan nya. Mklum saya baru pengajuan

2 May 21 Indonesia

Loan application

I want to apply for a loan, my first one has not been funded.

2 May 21 Borrower Questions

Low credit limit

The money am to payed is more than the credit limit I will received after payments and wants to know why

2 May 21 Borrower Questions

Experiencing some delay

I just started repaying my today, different from the past where the money was credited instantly, up to now it is not reflecting in my borrower acc...

3 May 21 Borrower Questions

Refund of membership and service fee

Hey this is to draw your attention to my payment history: on March 7,2018 you indicated that your refunded both membership and service fee of KES...

2 May 21 Borrower Questions

Over deductions of Credit Risk payment

Dear Zidisha Team. Please I dont understand these things and i need clarifications. What i know is that Credit risk for every loan is 10% and ser...

2 May 21 Borrower Questions


Ko saya tidak bisa meminjam lagi tulisanya belum di publikasikan tapi saya ikuti langkahnya malah nge stak di langkah pertama

1 May 21 Indonesia

membayar angsuran langsung lunas lebih awal

kalau misalnya saya membayar pinjaman saya itu langsung lunas dan trs saya langsung mengajukan pinjaman lgi bisa atau tidak itu pak/bu? terimakasi...

4 May 21 Indonesia

Nomer telp CS

Apakah zidisha punya cs kalo punya saya minta nomer telpnya!trima kasih

5 May 21 Indonesia

Fully funded loans are not being distributed, Ghana

Hey, I´m new here but I've given out several loans already, some have started paying back, most have funded fully and will start paying later. But...

10 May 20 Lender Questions

Credit Risk Payment

Please what is this Credit Risk Payment all about. Why are they deducting an amount from my loan as Credit Risk Payment? If it is a charge, then I ...

2 May 20 Borrower Questions


Hae members have some of my mentees who claim that they can't pay full amount since they received say Ksh100 claiming they didn't know about the de...

2 May 20 Volunteer Mentors

Fundraising period now starts after loans pass staff review

Starting today, the fundraising period of fourteen days does not start until after a loan has been successfully reviewed by our team. This is ...

32 May 20 Announcements

Why do borrowers pay back immediately, then post a new loan?

I have seen the following happen several times. 1. A loan gets funded with an extended repayment period, say 12 or 24 months 2. Within a few we...

44 May 20 Lender Questions

New a signed members

Hi my fellow mentors, I have a hard time to explain to my new asighned members on how zidisha works, hence some of them seem to apply for the loan ...

3 May 20 Volunteer Mentors

update jangka waktu angsuran

Kpd admin, saya ajuan pinjaman ke 4, sdh cair, tapi kok jangka waktu pengembalian cuma 1 mg, akan saya rubah angsiran gak bisa.. adakah solusi?

2 May 20 Indonesia


saya peminjam baru dizidisha.masa iya pinajaman saya didanai penuh tapi cuma 10ribu.buat beli rokok aja gak cukup.yg anehnya saya harus bayar angsu...

2 May 20 Indonesia

Loans to Senegal

Dear Zidisha, Hope you are doing well today. In the past I have been lending funds to people in Sénégal with great repayment stats. Today howev...

3 May 20 Lender Questions