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Borrower Questions

A space for borrowers to post questions about how Zidisha works.

2788 Feb 21

Lender Questions

A space for lenders to post questions about how Zidisha works.

244 Feb 20

Open Forum

The main forum for Zidisha-related topics.

79 Feb 21


Announcements by Zidisha staff.

321 Feb 20


If it's not about Zidisha, it's here.

21 Feb 19


Untuk anggota di Indonesia, dalam Bahasa Indonesia.

683 Feb 18
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Commendable job.

I would like to thank Zidisha for job well done in establishing a forum where we can get the latest happenings. The forum has proven to be the best...

3 Feb 21 Open Forum

Why do borrowers pay back immediately, then post a new loan?

I have seen the following happen several times. 1. A loan gets funded with an extended repayment period, say 12 or 24 months 2. Within a few we...

38 Feb 20 Lender Questions

How does a loan expire when it's 100% funded?

https://www.zidisha.org/loan/office-renovation-for-block-making-business The money was returned to me as an expired loan, yet it shows as 100% f...

23 Feb 20 Lender Questions

Need to become a volunteer Mentor

I think I have take many loans and paid back, I have overcome several challenges, asked questions and received answers to an extent that I should o...

7 Feb 20 Open Forum

Fundraising period now starts after loans pass staff review

Starting today, the fundraising period of fourteen days does not start until after a loan has been successfully reviewed by our team. This is ...

20 Feb 20 Announcements

Thanks for the loan

Hi Leander's I thank you so much for the loan you gave me am really happy I hope I will grow with you thank you so much

1 Feb 20 Borrower Questions

Borrowers can now accept partially funded loans

Up until now, loan applications that were only partially funded by the fundraising deadline have been expired. Starting today, borrowers have the ...

29 Feb 20 Announcements

The Side Hustle Life

Woooow. I'm really excited seeing my story featured on the Zidisha blog for the month of January. Out of over 10,000 members, my story had been sel...

15 Feb 20 Borrower Questions

Incorrect installment value

Previously I am grateful for my second loan which has been funded. However I am binging because the value of my installment is only 2 times the pay...

10 Feb 20 Borrower Questions


After my first loan, I qualified for the next CREDIT limit of 426 Ghs which I applied for. Thankfully it was funded on my third attempt and the dis...

3 Feb 19 Borrower Questions


How do I cancel my loan application and re apply

2 Feb 19 Borrower Questions

Few hours for fundraising!

Hi,iam so discouraged, if I can apply for a loan of 53,000 ,then my loan is only given around 24hrs to fundraise,after which its funded at 10% and ...

16 Feb 19 Borrower Questions

why change, not according to initial disbursement?

dear zidisha staff, why at the time I received the loan only 278.949 IDR but have to pay installment 530.004 IDR. not in accordance with the princi...

4 Feb 19 Borrower Questions

partial loan funded problem

my loan was partially funded of 46% out of GHS 2286 which i received amount of GHS 1,019 as my partial loan disbursed which i though the rema...

17 Feb 19 Borrower Questions

Members Fund Loan

Hello members. I have a question regarding MFL. When applying for a new loan, there is an option to select the MFL that one prefers. But the questi...

22 Feb 19 Borrower Questions

Future credit limit on loans increment figures incorrect.

Hello members of this great Zidisha family.First is to say thank you to all lenders who tirelessly are helping our small businesses grow drasticall...

2 Feb 19 Borrower Questions

Photo upload

Am trying to upload my photo but everytime i do it, it "sorry there was an error... " kindly help.

3 Feb 19 Borrower Questions


i come here with a very serious issue. i posted a loan on for a about 1750/- KES. which was well fully funded. but when the funds were disbursed,...

8 Feb 19 Borrower Questions

Successful changes ideas.

Hi, Zidisha.i know that you does everything to make Zidisha succeed as I do also.There are some changes that have not succeeded like recentl...

8 Feb 19 Volunteer Mentors

Happy Belated Birthday Laurie

Happy Belated Birthday Laurie. May all your dreams and wishes come true. Thank you for all of your hard work in Zidisha. I miss you in the for...

14 Feb 19 Random