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Approval of loan

I have applied for a loan but I don't know why on my dashboard it has taken too much time for members to approve the loan.please help me out to kn...

1 Jan 24


I send 2500naira to paul buchheit on the 1st of january 2020 and said to be disbursed shortly to my account and if it require international funding...

3 Jan 24

Difficulty in repayment of loan.

Am finding it difficult to repay my loan since afternoon but the website seems rejecting me.

2 Jan 24


Where in my account is my Volunteer Mentor's link or contact found? Or how is ones Volunteer Mentor contacted? AND WHY AFTER PAYING MY LOAN YEST...

1 Jan 23

Credit limit

Hi team, my credit limit was reduced from 104,321 to 41,354. I just couldn't understand why. Please can I get an explanation for this.

1 Jan 23

Loan not disbursed

I am new here and the message on my dashboard indicates that my loan is approved but awaits a review from a volunteer mentor, Samuel Emmanuel. The ...

1 Jan 23

Changing account number

I lost a line that I received a loan with and it has been hard for me to repay my due loan. How can I change my account to a new line to enable me ...

1 Jan 23

Refund for credit risk fund contributed

am requesting to be refunded my credit risk fund and the membership fee. this is because i would like my zidisha account deleted.

2 Jan 22

Zidisha App Not Loading and My Loan Repayment is Today

Hi My loan repayment is due today but my zidisha app is not coming up. Pls what other option do I have to repay? I have the funds with me since ye...

2 Jan 22

Clearing using my CRF of KES22,293 and MLF KES 28,280

Dear Zidisha Team, I request that you clear my loan balance of Kes41,566 using my MLF and CRF of Kes 28,280 and 22,293 respectively. I lack words...

1 Jan 22


Hello i want to pay back my loan but it tell me my account could not be found. i need help

3 Jan 22

Dashboard still not updated

It’s been more than a week since I repaid my loan of 732ghc and up till now, my dashboard hasn’t been updated. I contacted Ravepay and Zidisha team...

1 Jan 22

The thread "Loans" has been moved to the Open Forum forum.

4 Jan 21

Loan Acceptance Problem

The website keep asking me to login again whenever I hit the accept loan button. It keeps telling me that the thank you lenders message is required...

1 Jan 21

The thread "loan pending for zidisha staff to review" has been moved to the Open Forum forum.

1 Jan 21

The thread "Interested in becoming a volunteer" has been moved to the Open Forum forum.

1 Jan 21

Credit Risk Enquiry

What exactly is this "Credit Risk" charge because it seems to take up a considerably "huge chunk" of the loan limit/approved amount???

1 Jan 20

loan repayment.

Hi Zidisha. I cleared my loan yesterday and today i received a mail reminding me to repay my loan. What could be the problem? From my account,it st...

26 Jan 20

Repayment of loan not going through

I repaid my full loan amount of 732ghc yesterday and my dashboard hasn’t been updated, it still shows I owe . What could be wrong?

5 Jan 20