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my credit limit

I have contributed GH 393 to membership loan fund in my last loan repayment yet my current credit limit is GH 224. Why? This is not what I was told...

2 Apr 23

Funding of Loan

The anxiety couple of fear and pressure of checking and keep checking whether your loan is fully funded or not is strong enough to "cripple" you so...

7 Apr 23

Uncredited Payments

I have made payments on 16th of this month and up til now(6 days) the payments still have not credited to my account. I have send a support ticket ...

3 Apr 23


I have done two attempts to upload my photo but it is only the message shown. Kind regards, please help.

2 Apr 23


Please I need help to change my number. I iam not able to repay my due loan with my moble number.

2 Apr 23

over deduction of 10% risk credit limit

hello every one please l want to help me in calculation this simple mathematics , l requested for of 1862ghs and l was partially funded ...

5 Apr 23


I applied for my LOAN its about a week ago but it has not yet been approved please kindly approve me to my account details

9 Apr 23

Lump Sum Payment to clear loan

Hi team members, I want to clear my loan balance of 33% through one payment. How will this affect my access of the next loan and the credit limit...

4 Apr 22

Credit limit

Dear Zidisha, my credit limit was suppose to be 6019 Ghs but i checked now and i'm going to be given the same amount that i repaid in my last loan....

3 Apr 22


Can someone check my account for me why I have made a payment for about five day's now which has not been credited

4 Apr 21


Hi Zidisha, I hope this E-mail finds you in good health, i am also doing good in my home country. Secondly, i want to extend my mass thank you t...

2 Apr 21

payment not being credited to my account

please i made my weekly payment on the 18th of Apr and up to now my account have not been credited. am worried it will affect my credit score. plea...

1 Apr 21

Loan not credited to my account

Please ,I have payed for my loan but it has not been credited to my account

5 Apr 21

Loan repayment

I completed my loan on 19th /4/2018 but it is not cleared on my Dashboard yet?

1 Apr 21

membership loan fund

How do I contribute to the membership loan fund.?

2 Apr 21

Loan not funded

Hello zidisha lenders, I have tried to apply for my first loan but unable. Please assist me. Thank you, Zachary nyamweya.

2 Apr 21


Hello zidisha.Am actually so much interested in this zidisha family and community at large.I have been sharing news of zidisha with and after readi...

2 Apr 21


Can i use my M L F to pay my loan?How?

2 Apr 20

Unable to verify my ID card

Please I have 2 valid national ID cards and Im very sure of registering zidisha in October 2015 with one of them but can't remember which of them I...

7 Apr 20


It"s been 3 days my loan has not been funded yet, the loan is already paying well, why yes?

2 Apr 19