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Loan Payment not credited to my accounts

This my payment below has not been credited into my accounts Payment for GHS75.00 to GTBank Push Account.Current Balance: GHS 0.14. Transaction...

7 Dec 1

Volunteer montor

I have the interest to serve as volunteer montor

3 Dec 1

Guarantor Program

Dear Zisisha Team and the entire Zidisha Community, I believe you are all very well. I would like to find out on the guarantor program,i guaran...

2 Dec 1

Unable to repay loan

Since yesterday I have try to make payment but it not working please help

3 Dec 1

Loan pending disbursement

Hi everyone ..my loan has been pending disbursement since yesterday ...is there something I hv to do to get it fast

2 Dec 1

Rave Pay Technical Problem

I am just trying to pay but when the OTP comes and I enter it says my momo account in invalid. This account is the account I have been using since ...

2 Dec 1

The adjustment button is not displaying on the app

I need to adjust my repayment to thr amount that i can afford but the adjustment button was not displayed on the app.Although i have tried to pay ...

5 Dec 1


Please i want to know it's the montor who will authorise before my loan will disburse into my account?if so what cause the delays of the payment we...

3 Dec 1

Not able to repay loan

Hello since yesterday I have been trying to repay my loan but after putting the flutterwaves code, it say "invalid mobile money account and when I ...

2 Dec 1

Unable to make payments.

Since yesterday my payments are due, but I can't make payments. The pay button is not working. Please I don't want to defualt so please address thi...

2 Dec 1

Unable to accept loan.

My loan is fully funded, but I can't accept it all because the pay button is not working. I have tried to pay the one cedi before confirming my loa...

2 Dec 1

The thread "Request of membership fee" has been moved to the Open Forum forum.

1 Nov 30

Correction of Profile Name

Jonathan Paa Nduakoh Nov 30, 2020 Hi Zidisha, Kindly permit me to edit my full name. I learnt Zidisha is having difficulty in transferring my...

4 Nov 30

Correction of Profile Name

Jonathan Paa Kweku Nduakoh Nov 30, 2020 Hi Zidisha, Kindly permit me to edit my full name. I learnt Zidisha is having difficulty in transferr...

2 Nov 30

Over deduction

Please i have seen a lot of changes different account like GTbank with over deduction which is affecting us it's too much please iam suggestion tha...

17 Nov 30

Technical error

I was due to receive my loan disbursement but I was told my account was not a valid account so I changed my number from mtn 0241464220 to Vodafone ...

3 Nov 30

Loan application

I paid my loan in time and I want to apply for a new one but I can't find a place for application please help

7 Nov 30

Loan disbursment taking too long

Hello. Please Its 48 hours ever since i expedite my loan but i have not received it yet, I raise a help ticket and it has not been responded. Plea...

7 Nov 30