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The thread "expediting service fee" has been moved to the Open Forum forum.

3 Dec 10


Hi team, my volunteer mentor status had been paused and now I want to reactivate it since now I have time but am not able to see the Volunteer Ment...

1 Dec 10

Loan not disbursed

I will like to plead with zidisha team to approve my loan disbursement, it has been over three days now my loan is not yet disbursed. Thanks for yo...

2 Dec 9

My loan

Hello I appreciate the first loan offered but at the moment I am trying to apply for my second loan and am being required to pay the membership fee...

2 Dec 9

My app is not working.

I tried to apply for my first loan after paying KES1000 but the app is not working despite having internet connection.

1 Dec 9


Hello, When i post my project pictures, the are being publish up side down. is there anything i am missing?

1 Dec 9

Wrong email address

Hi Zidisha I sent the wrong email address for my sister the correct one is with small letters not capital. Its [email protected] please take n...

1 Dec 9

Need loan

Hi I'm not understanding why I'm given the same loan I got at first I pay in time even before the due date so I don't understand this can you help ...

1 Dec 9

unable to repay through my android phone.

Hello pls I have been trying to repay my loan to zidisha, its not going ,pls I don't know why .this is not my first time of using my android to set...

4 Dec 8

Loan disbursement issue

My loan disbursement has been delay over three days now, please how may i be assisted in that.

2 Dec 8

Loan Disbursement Delaying

I would like to plead with my volunteer mentor, Kusi Obodum to approve my loan disbursement

2 Dec 7

The thread "premium payment" has been moved to the Open Forum forum.

3 Dec 7

Reduction in my credit limit

My next loan has reduced to a smaller amount,and my bonus for inviting new members has reduced to zero. Please is it a technical error or true refl...

2 Dec 7

A refund request

Thank you very much for this loan opportunity, but now I want to exit because I can no longer pay on time that is why I am requesting a refund so I...

1 Dec 7

To ask questions

my name is achiaarita my problem is that I stopped using my account about one year ago because I lost my phone which I was to open my account and I...

5 Dec 6

Loan Disbursement taking forever

Thanks. But have been having issues since my second loan with Zidisha. I applied for a third loan after an early repayment of the second one but it...

4 Dec 6

Loan repayment

Good day.. I have been trying to repay my loan but its not always saying card not found, try the account option still having difficulty. Kindly sen...

2 Dec 6

Pending disbursement

Disburse my loan please.

4 Dec 4


I got this email from Zidisha. I checked with my mobile operator and they said my line is still active and i even performed a transection. Don'...

1 Dec 4