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Kindly help I made payment of 8004 naira to Zidisha through paystack and my account is not yet credited pls help my payment is due today. Kindly help

4 Apr 18


Hi, what should i do in order for my credit risk money to be refunded. I have no default history whatsoever. I have written severally requesting f...

2 Apr 18

Repayment using another phone number

Hi Zidisha team, I repaid my loan of sh. 300 using another phone number that i did not use to register, kindly follow it up for me because its the...

5 Apr 18

Credit limit decreased

I paid my loan before the due date and to my surprise my credit limit decreased about 65%. How is this possible? What did I do wrong? Somebody shou...

3 Apr 18

Finding it difficult to repay

Hi there my time of repaying was 16/04/19 and I tried paying with the pay now button and it was not responding please help me fix it.

2 Apr 18

loan cannot be disbursed

i have accepted my loan which is fully funded and cannot be disbursed to my safaricom no. yet this is the same no. ihave been using even when iwas ...

2 Apr 18


there have been changement in my repayments because of the changement in the payment method, this method is not helping some of us at, all,if i don...

1 Apr 18


I have paid my loan, but find it difficult to confirm my mail address

1 Apr 18

Request for another loan

Hi, I requested for a loan, which I received and paid back, yet am unable to borrow again. The dashboard displays, create new loan proposal'. Kin...

1 Apr 18

Confirm e-mail error

Please I want to create loan proposal but I have been ask to confirm my e- mail and any time I click on the link in my mail it tell me error which ...

1 Apr 18

The thread "declining of loans" has been moved to the Open Forum forum.

2 Apr 17


T made payment since yesterday and it is yet to be credited to my account

2 Apr 17

The thread "Fund-raising Period" has been moved to the Open Forum forum.

1 Apr 17


Hi, I made a repayment and it is not reflecting on my dashboard. It was my last repayment and am afraid that it will affect my on time payments. I ...

1 Apr 17


You updated your app but it's not working..

1 Apr 17

Payment Bill No.600201

Halo, On 17thmApril, 2019 I paid through the above payment method and I go this message on my Mpesa messages: "NDHIAQ87ZF confirmed. KShs.1,50...

1 Apr 17

Reapplying Problem.

Hello Members, The fundraising period for my loan has ended without being fully funded, I have the opportunity to accept the 35% I got or to cance...

10 Apr 17


My dashboard indicates you have created many proposals. Its now two weeks. Help activate my loan please.

1 Apr 16

Payment not credited to my account

Hello Zidisha team, i made three payments on 16th of April 2019 but is only the first two which is Gh₵20 and Gh₵10 have been credited to my account...

1 Apr 16

Easther waithira Njunge

I make error went I was registering my account,the phone number was not correct what shall I do to rectify this problem.

3 Apr 16