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Membership fee

Hello zidisha I paid a membership fee of k95 yesterday using my mobile money account (0965876610) but still isn't able to access a loan.

4 May 6

No response from Zidisha team

I have noticed that a lot of people are having and experiencing a few problems with the platform. I myself have sent some messages which I’m yet to...

6 May 5


Hi, Vershima Yua Micheal guaranteed me N20754 so that I can access it alongside my first loan, he used the correct name and phone number but the am...

2 May 5

Discrepancies in my loan balance

Hello team, I have noticed a high level of discrepancies in the balance of my loan. How could the balance jumped from 20, 000 thousand naira to 12...

2 May 4

No Disbursement yet

Hi Zidisha Team, I accepted the loan last week and it has taken long to be disbursed, what could be the challenge on disbursement, kindly advise?

5 May 4

Technical Error

I had a notification that my loan has been fully funded and i should confirm for it to be disbursed. After pressing on the confirm button I was tol...

1 May 4

outstanding loan erro

hello team i have noticed an error on my my payment schedule accounts where my outstanding loan is kshs 207,600 this is a bit unrealistic because...

3 May 4

Disbursement delay

Dear zidisha team my loan is fully funded but till now it has not been disbursed please is there any problem

1 May 4

Loan not disbursed

Hello my loan has been funded but it has taken long to be disbursed what might be the problem kindly

4 May 4


Director Julia and the team, thanks for this platform, I just repaid my third loan and on time also, I did not need to readjust instalment amount a...

3 May 3


Hi, as a new member, I am currently at sea as regards the guaranteed amount I received from Vershima Yua Micheal as acknowledged in the attached em...

1 May 3

Loan paid not reflecting

Please zidisha I have repaid my loan but it is not reflecting.

1 May 3

Not responding to my questions

why are you not responding to my complaint about my page which not opening.

3 May 3

Adjust installment amount

Dear director, I have a lot of defaulters on my home page I have called severally and they kept telling me they cannot adjust their loans to minimu...

5 May 3

Loan Funded But No Yet Disbursed

Hi, Zidisha Team my was successfully funded but I have not yet received the money or the money has not reflected yet. Kindly address this issue pl...

3 May 3

Disbursement Delayed

Hi Madam Julia, I expedited my loan at 20% charge fees last week , until now I have not received the money yet, what could be the challenge. I woul...

1 May 3

Loan not disbursed

Hallo,I applied for a loan on 29th April and was told that it's fully funded but it has not been disbursed in my account, what could be the problem...

1 May 2