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Credit Limit

Madam Julia Please why is that my loan limit keep depleting. I pay on time every loan but still my credit limit stay same. Kindly correct f...

4 Jul 29

Inquiry on technical hitch

Good evening zidisha community and Julia? I'm not sure if this is the right forum for my question but here goes. Last week, i created a loan propos...

3 Jul 29

Unable to invite new members

Hello thank you so much am Amoah Priscilla from Ghana I don't know the reason why I can't send invite. Kindly assist me thanks!

1 Jul 29

Acceptance button

Hello I am trying to accept my loan offer to me but receive an error message say, sorry, there is an error, pls try again and please notify us vi...

1 Jul 29

Extra deposit amount

I want to find out that,the "extra deposit amount"always one must deposit after repayment of the previous loan before taking another loan .Per the ...

1 Jul 29

Account change

Hello i just logged into my account and found i have an outstanding loan that i need to pay but the problem is that the number i used to get the lo...

1 Jul 29

Unable to View My Profile

Dear Zidisha my Management team, I can view my profile. The network always go off when ever I tried viewing my profile details.

2 Jul 29

Traditional Loan and Pay It Forward

I want to find out that, in case I have decided to change the application from Pay It Forward back to Traditional Loan , is there any way to do that?

1 Jul 29

Change account

Please how do I change my bank account?

2 Jul 28

difficulty in repaying my loans since it's due time

Since my loan amount due time, I have made several attempts to pay but have difficulty in paying. The pay button when clicked on loads but doesn't ...

1 Jul 28

Loan pending disbursement

My loan was fully funded 2days ago but up to now it has not been disbursed what's wrong?am asking because last time I was waiting for disbursement ...

1 Jul 28

Unable to edit picture

Please l have been trying to change the picture of myself seen on the platform, but it not responding.

1 Jul 27

pay it forward account details

hello, on which account details do I Deposit an optional extra amount to fund other Pay It Forward projects when repaying my project. I may feel ...

1 Jul 27


dear julia, hope you are well,i am writing to you to talk to inquire about three things,firstly the traditional option on the loan page.i discover...

2 Jul 26

Technical Server Error

Dear Madam Julia, my account was fund raising a pay it forward loan and unfortunately am unable to access my dashboard due to 500 server error. ...

2 Jul 26

Pending disburement

Please madam this is the fourth time i am posting to the forum again if no body solve my problem for me then i will no that i am not parts of zidis...

2 Jul 26

Guarantee payment required

Good morning zidisha team please I don't understand that my guarantee member is repaying his loan and he has paid 63% but is still on my dashboard ...

2 Jul 26


Dear madam Julia, Kindly correct the details of loan account, I have noticed some changes on my account which are not corrected. Why is my credi...

5 Jul 26

Reduced Credit Limit

Hi madam director,please I want to find out from you why my credit limit was reduced when I paid the additional pay it forward amount required.I pa...

2 Jul 26