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Loan defaulters

Hallo what action do Zidisha take incase of loan defaulters.

2 Feb 17

Loan funding

Hey,can someone kind me,this the third I am applying my loan but hasn't been funded.what could be wrong,.can someone check my account and advise me...

8 Feb 17

Loan limit downgraded and loan taking so long for approval.

Why was my loan limit downgraded from 31500 to 26100 while my repayment is 100/ ? And why does it take too long for loan to get approved yet the da...

1 Feb 17

Complete funding Issues

Hello Members. I cant help but notice that many people's proposals are not getting funded. Including mine (lol). Can anyone just have a glance at...

6 Feb 17

Early Repayment bonus removed?

Hi,am just need some enlightenment why has the early repayment bonus been removed? This used to be a great motivator for my mentees and myself...ri...

3 Feb 17


I have posted my loan proposal four times without being funded. Despite the many changes that are being made by our Director, I seem not to benef...

1 Feb 17

Advice me

May I know whether its possible that my loan will be funded. I have raised this particular loan since November 10th 2017 up to date but to no avail...

1 Feb 17


I am required to pay 5000 per week, emg bs ya transfer 5000? Instead of at least 10,000?

4 Feb 16


Why do loans take long to be approved while the days for the loan funding are reducing on a daily basis, , the process should be fast

13 Feb 16

Loan not funded.

This comment has been removed.

24 Feb 16

repain loan problem

Hello team, I really need your help. I have repain my loan on time and receiving notifications of payment received from Zidisha. Now the problem be...

2 Feb 16