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My Phone number

I wish to change/edit my phone number on my profile, but there's no active tab for that. Am afraid funds could be sent to a wrong number

3 Aug 16

Weekly payment reduction

Please how can I reduce my weekly payment amount for this Friday? I can't find any section on my dashboard.

3 Aug 15

Loan not approved

Hey,what's up?..Ive been taking and repaying my loan in time ,but here you are telling me cannot make it.If that's so,let me know please then I see...

1 Aug 15

credit risk fee

Please this goes for our founder, I have talked many borrowers and they feel that the risk fee is too high and its affecting much on the business...

2 Aug 15


my 3rd loan application can not make a loan application. How can it be like that? but I paid off the loan before the installment due date. please h...

2 Aug 15

Volunteer Mentor

Hi, I wish to express my desire to be a Volunteer Mentor, and I would like to know how to go about it. Thank you, Sampson.

2 Aug 15

cancencellation of loan applied

How can I cancel my loan that I applied ,provided with the fact that I didn't agree with terms and conditions

2 Aug 15

Help educate me, am on 3rd Loan

Amount Requested: 1,203 KES Service Fee (5%): 60 KES One-time Membership Fee: 941 KES Credit Risk Payment: 180 KES Amount You Receive After Ded...

2 Aug 15


Hey. I have been unable to pay my loan as I had promised and I would like to be assisted with how how to change the repayment. My profile has no th...

1 Aug 15


Hallo, am Bonface, I had applied for a loan for a fourth time and I was told that I created so many loans at the same time so I was told to try to ...

1 Aug 14

Loan not approved

For the second time I have applied for a loan and the same has been rejected. What is the cause as every time I apply there is a technical hitch of...

1 Aug 14

my dashboard

I apply for loan for a couples of days now and my dashboard was showing your loan is now on pending review and when approved it will be showing to...

8 Aug 14

One time membership fees.

Hello Zidisha, am not a new member, one time membership fees was deducted when i first joined zidisha. The system has deducted one time membership ...

2 Aug 14


Hello,I am lucy i paid my loan fully and now i am requesting for the credit risk payment of 1562 KES.Please help me.Thank you.

3 Aug 14