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Loan application cancelled

I applied for loan of 1000.00 and what am to recieved is 11 ghs after all the deductions which i dont understand. Please clarification and education

2 May 19

Loan cancelling

I did as per the instruction send back the money i received since yesterday i did so up to now,because i wanted to cancell my loan,i have ...

2 May 19


Pls how do we apply for credit risk deductions after clearing all outstanding loans?

2 May 19


Greetings to all zidisha members all over the world

5 May 19

account termination

how do i terminate my account?

13 May 18

Credit Risk Payment deductions

I was going to apply for a new loan but hesitated on learning new deductions introduced to Zidisha, that didn't apply in my previous loan; Credit R...

4 May 18

Credit limit percentage remains constant

I am paying on time or earlier 3 to 4 days to due time, my on time repayment rate has remained @ 79℅ drop at 75% when paid the loan which was due ...

4 May 18


2018 I have not understood, the initial funding 188. IDR disbursement 28idr for the nominal is not for the purchase, the auxiliary balance aja not ...

2 May 17

Amount to pay

Hae .i requested for a loan 1313ksh 262 was deducted as credit risk payment and I received quiz is will I pay 986 which I received ?

3 May 17

copy of ID

I am being asked again and again to "please upload a clear, readable copy of your national identity card which matches the national ID number you o...

4 May 16

Late Credits In Payment

Some of my mentes and invitees normally called to complain about the payments made but still not credited to their account. I take my time to expla...

6 May 16

My Credit Limit

My current credit limit is very small for me Please can anyone tell me how to increase this limit? Because I'm done repaying the last loan that i...

14 May 16

Risk factors

wish to thank all my lenders and Zidisha team for the support they have given me. I have been able to build my business and improve my living stand...

5 May 16


My loan has not been liquid.

4 May 16