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A space for borrowers to post questions about how Zidisha works.

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copy of ID

I am being asked again and again to "please upload a clear, readable copy of your national identity card which matches the national ID number you o...

4 May 16

Late Credits In Payment

Some of my mentes and invitees normally called to complain about the payments made but still not credited to their account. I take my time to expla...

6 May 16

My Credit Limit

My current credit limit is very small for me Please can anyone tell me how to increase this limit? Because I'm done repaying the last loan that i...

14 May 16

Risk factors

wish to thank all my lenders and Zidisha team for the support they have given me. I have been able to build my business and improve my living stand...

5 May 16


My loan has not been liquid.

4 May 16


Thanks to my lenders i received the money but it was very little 124shs. cant do anything. hope my loan will increase next time.

2 May 15

Support ticket late response

is it few staff?? or what? because I have a pressing issue in my ticket but no one seems to reply

5 May 15

Loan limit.

I paid my loan on time but they till gave the same limit. Can someone give a clear explanatiom please.

3 May 14

I don't how much I owe

Dear Zidisha, thank you so much for the great work you are doing to making sure that our lives are improved. I wanted to know the reason as to ...

1 May 14

Membership Loan Fund

Please, Theophilus Mensah Serkeh says that he does not want to continue with the Zidisha Organisation again. He wishes that his membership Loan Fun...

8 May 14

credit payment claim.

Hi,if someone completes repaying his loan on wednesday and its approved.then on Thursday places a support ticket for refund of his 10% credit payme...

4 May 13

Total fees.

Please can the board members explain into details what the total fees mean? It exceeds the 5% interest rate so what are the other charges uses for?

3 May 12

charnging my number

dear friends in this group how can i change my number

2 May 12

Confused Payment I received 23325. this is how I do not understand

3 May 12