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Loan not approved

For the second time I have applied for a loan and the same has been rejected. What is the cause as every time I apply there is a technical hitch of...

1 Aug 14

my dashboard

I apply for loan for a couples of days now and my dashboard was showing your loan is now on pending review and when approved it will be showing to...

8 Aug 14

One time membership fees.

Hello Zidisha, am not a new member, one time membership fees was deducted when i first joined zidisha. The system has deducted one time membership ...

2 Aug 14


Hello,I am lucy i paid my loan fully and now i am requesting for the credit risk payment of 1562 KES.Please help me.Thank you.

3 Aug 14


Dear Team, I wanna know; does the credit risk applied to each and every loan we apply hence from. Or after the first risk deduction , the others wo...

2 Aug 14

How to get back the credit risk payment

I paid my loan fully and i was told that the credit risk will be refunded back. But no update

9 Aug 14


Can you help me explain how to get my member funds that I paid for the first loan. I think I can't work with Zidisha anymore. But I can't find how ...

4 Aug 14

wrong display of rofile status

please the title of my profile was mobile money transactions and airtime sales but not mobile phone service center

2 Aug 14


The loan that I paid late was paid / paid off, but now I have paid off why I can"t make the next loan

1 Aug 14

Can I borrow again

I repaid my loan in full and now, I can not apply again, can't see the option of posting a new loan application

1 Aug 14

Loan Ammount

Hi Zidisha, I applied for a loan of IDR. 177,185 but i only received IDR 10,000. My loan app shows that I owed IDR 177,185. now how can I pay money...

2 Aug 13

unable to upload picture

Please where can I upload my picture for my loan to be granted.

1 Aug 13

My current credit limit

I repaid my loan on time and my base credit limit indicated to be about 59000 . Now it decreases day by day and have not borrowed any other loan s...

2 Aug 12

Can not borrow again

Why can"t I borrow again? The statement "you have made too many proposals, wait for a few moments to make a new proposal again". What do you mean b...

3 Aug 12

My account is hanging

I paid my loan and i was to request for another loan but i was asked to do the verification again and as i posted my pics the rectangle i was to cr...

1 Aug 12

No update on loan repayment

I paid ksh. 1000 today in the morning and up to now the payment has not been reflected on my account

1 Aug 12

Loan Application

Dear zidisha org. I did not finish my aplication well what do i do next?

7 Aug 12

Loan disbursed is not the one I applied

Hi, I applied for a loan of ksh.1203 and you have disbursed a loan of ksh.12. My loan app shows that am owed 1203, now how can I pay money that I h...

2 Aug 12