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Loan expired

My loan expired everytime i apply.

1 Feb 21

Loan disbursement

My loan have been funded but I have not recieve any money in my account pls why

3 Feb 21

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1 Feb 20

review my account

We regret to inform you that your Zidisha account has been closed, because we have discovered that your account was involved in inaccurate informat...

14 Feb 20

Unable yo repay my loan with my momo account.... thanks

Please can i get any account number from Zidisha to do my payment?. I can't repay my loan using my mom's account....I have complained this to the...

1 Feb 20

getting into good books.

hi,i have defaulted on my loan for quite some time but am determined to repay my loan and open a new page of good credit standing.do i have a chanc...

1 Feb 20

dashboard not updated.

hi,last year i paid two instalments but they do not reflect on my wall.

1 Feb 20


Below are the two messages I received. The first is a message for acceptance before funding and disbursement which I did not accept. The second ...

2 Feb 20

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1 Feb 20

loan page

my loan due date is Thursday and I'm suppose to pay #1200 but #407 is showing on my loan page

1 Feb 20


Hello Zidisha team, I am requesting for refund of credit risk fee for my 2 previous loans as follows: 1. Kshs.6911.00 executed on 3/9/18. 2. ...

1 Feb 20

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1 Feb 20

director Julia Kurnia

it has been 5 week am not receiving my loan can you pls update us with whats happening thank you

1 Feb 20

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1 Feb 19

no loan received whats going on

it has been a 5 weeks am not receiving the loan whats going on zidisha?

1 Feb 19

My loan have been funded but approved

My loan have been funded but not approve to my safaricom mpesa number i don't know why.pliz need your help

2 Feb 19

The thread "no loan" has been moved to the Open Forum forum.

1 Feb 19

Error message on my dashboard

I never own any loan so why my dashboard display that I owned a loan please can someone check that error message for me thank you

1 Feb 19

Loan decline

am trying to apply but it say,your loan proposal has expired....

2 Feb 19