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loan disbursement,

Kindly cancel these loan if I will get 101

1 Oct 8

loan disbursement

Will I get 1101 ,or 101,,kindly clarify, if the loan is 101,kindly cancel ......iam confuse I thought its 1101,,,..

1 Oct 8

Fully funded loan expired

Hi, my loan was fully funded with six (6) more days to go. I accepted the loan and now am told it has expired. What could have gone wrong?

25 Oct 8

Repayment problem

I have paid some money to my account to cater for my loan but sadly the amount is reflecting on someone else account who invited me what do i do ki...

3 Oct 6

Invited not yet accepted

I did invited a friend of whom i know very well for three days ago, my dashboard still telling me the invite not yet accepted, how long will that t...

2 Oct 5


Hi Zidisha Admin, i have completed repaying my third loan however every time i try to create a new loan proposal, it immediately expires this is th...

3 Oct 5

My loan

Hi,my loan has not been increased my limit for long. I have taken the same amount for four times. And still the delay I think is still long before ...

2 Oct 5

Loan limit increase

How does my loan limit increase? It it after every complete repayment?

2 Oct 5

Difficulties in Deductions

I understand that zidisha is non profit making institution but my difficulties here is when a loan disbursed,the amount one get paid back is more t...

3 Oct 5

Leave Zidisha

I would like to get a refund of all the money am entitled to when leaving Zidisha, from what I have contributed cause I have no project at hand. It...

2 Oct 5

delayed disbursement

My loan was fully funded by 23rd September Zidisha policy is that disbursement is within a week,is there a delay or other technicalities?

4 Oct 5

Volunteer mentor

How do i become a volunteer mentor? Good day

2 Oct 4

Repayments Change

Hi. I want to change my repayment instalments,how can i go about it?

3 Oct 4

Loan access

Dear lenders. Kindly help me get a loan. I've not been able to access loan since the beginning of this month. Thank you

8 Oct 3

Photo cannot be loaded

Please my photo was sent back to me for reload a new one,upon trying several times to load for application to open for new loan it never accepting....

2 Oct 3

credit limits

i think the system has changed so much that the growth of credit limits is less and the deductions more. the fee and credit risk payment. the prev...

2 Oct 3

Volunteer Mentor

I would like to become a volunteer mentor what should I do?

2 Oct 3