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Account closed.

After applying for third loan, I realized that the a was closed suddenly.What procedure can I use to solve this problem. Please help me through for...

2 Nov 28, 2017

Error zidisha system is quite detrimental borrowers

My 1st loan disbursed at Oct 23, 2017 amount IDR 100.000 for 3 weeks installment. my payment history for this loan: Oct 25 amount IDR 20.000 (alr...

2 Nov 27, 2017


Please lenders,i would be happy for you to give another chance for those who could not make up to settle their bonuses credit on their account shou...

1 Nov 27, 2017

Please let me know the zindisha people

This is my 3rd loan acc on 07/11/2017 The first payment on the date of 12/11/2017 I already transfer Payment to 2 maturity 19/11/2017 I already tra...

2 Nov 27, 2017

Technical Error

My repayment percentage has been reduced from 93% to 85% (I am 100% sure this is due to the system error the hit my account right after receiving m...

1 Nov 27, 2017

Loan application expiring before fully funded

My loan is only one day to expire before fully funded and it is only 9% funded,hopefully if will be funded within this short period . What might b...

1 Nov 27, 2017

Loan payment

Hae zidisha can I pay my loan once

3 Nov 26, 2017

my loan funding problem

My loan was funded up to 35% and it has gone back to 17% and i dont understand why it so. Also my days left had elapsed so i want to know my fate...

6 Nov 26, 2017

Delayed funding

To all borrowers, Let us remain patient as zidisha organizarion burn their midnight oil in funding our loans. Thank you Zidisha team.

1 Nov 26, 2017

problem in applying for a new one

I was told to wait for 12 days now yestaday the funds rechead 7% and the time I was given expired now and trying to apply for a new one now it's re...

1 Nov 26, 2017

my account suspended after fully repaying my loan

What happened to my account is beyond my explanation, after repaying the last bob of my loan my account was closed, why?

2 Nov 26, 2017

Error on my Credit limit

Dear zidisha staff, I think there is an error on my next credit limit increase page of my profile. In the past where we talk about bonus for earl...

3 Nov 25, 2017

Invited member opting out ofor zidisha

Dear The zidisha Team, I write to formally inform you that, an invited member Eric Sacketey has voluntarily opted out from zidisha. This is beca...

1 Nov 25, 2017

Zidisha is Awesome

My loan was actually funded yesterday and disbursed today. So efficient and promt. For other guys having issues Zidisha is working hard to be bette...

2 Nov 25, 2017

loan yet to be funded

i really need help on my loan funding am on my sixth loan,i posted my project on 4th nov and its expired.i later reposted but its just about to exp...

1 Nov 25, 2017

unfunded loans

please i want to know whether the lender borrower ratio is widening and if zidisha is able to keep up. i have seen a lot of loans expiring without ...

7 Nov 25, 2017

borrowing questions.

When do I start posting informations about my loan to make my lender know I am utilising my loan very well since my first loan is been paid into my...

2 Nov 25, 2017