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difficulty in loading a picture

I applied for loan which was not funded in time so I decided to re-apply, but I find it difficult to upload a picture. Can anyone be of help to me.

2 Mar 22

Picture upload

Whats wrong i am getting error when uploading a picture. Or whats the criteria of uploading a picture?

5 Mar 22

mobile app bug

Dear Zidisha. Please help me to check the error in mobile app because I can not add profile picture. "unknown error" notification always appear w...

2 Mar 22


why is this transaction not reflecting in my account MCI3CGOXOJ 2018-03-18 18:26:13 Pay Bill to 600201 - Zidisha Inc. Acc. 0715158129 Completed -25...

2 Mar 21

Paid my loan on time

Hello all, I will like to encourage all borrowers to pay their loan on time and in full, these will make our noble organisation zidisha live long ...

1 Mar 21


Hello whats the paybill no. Mpesa want to clear my loan

2 Mar 21

Error causing problems

You said we should send messages to zidisha staff through support ticket yet it takes weeks before they respond to our ticket. Even if we post it h...

10 Mar 20

credit limit

Please I am to receive 1,200 Ghana cedis in my next loan. I checked it last 3 days and it was 1, 200 but the 5 percent has increased more than 10...

3 Mar 20

Early Repayment Bonus

My name is Judith Chidzugwe from Kenya. When I finished paying my fifth loan early, I was given an Early Repayment Bonus of Kshs.20,000 plus. So...

6 Mar 20

Reduction in credit limit

please lenders,am ofori mustapha mohammed from Ghana.Please,may i know why reduction in credit limit and why so? I suggest these credit limits usu...

1 Mar 19

problems of loans not funded

please lenders,may i know the reasons why most of the accounts or applicants loans not funded because some of them have applied the loan at least s...

1 Mar 19

credit limit

please lenders,may i know the reasons for decrease in credit limit for sometime now? The reason for asking this question is some of us are very com...

1 Mar 19

Payment not reflecting in Ghana

It seems payment not reflecting on our pages nowadays. We are begging the staff members to help us solve this problem please.

4 Mar 19

My credit limit has reduced more than 20%

My loan were not funded but when i tried to reapply for another loan, my credit limit which was CHS5285 has reduced to CHS3785. May I know why?

1 Mar 19

Refund of previous expediting fee

I write to refer to you of my previous notification demanding a refund of my expediting fee; Jonas Okai Oct 17 Dear The Zidisha Team,...

1 Mar 19

Funding time

Where can I get expedition for my loan?

2 Mar 19