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Volunteer mentor

My mentor volunteers are hard to contact ,, no hp gak active ,,,,

1 Jul 9

Unupdated repayment

I made a loan repayment via Mobile money but it seems not to be updating. How do i get around this?

1 Jul 9

Posting a photo

I have tried posting my photo,seems to be having an error.kindly help on how to do it.

1 Jul 8

Receiving the same amount for five times

I would like to know the reason why anytime i applied to get loan, am always given to choose upto 77 gh cedis. And I receive 77 gh for almost five ...

2 Jul 8

Creating loan proposal in short time

I am John Nsoh Atibilah l was given a chance to apply for another loan after paying my previous loan. So l attempted to create the loan but unfortu...

2 Jul 7

on time payments

My on time payment records has decreased due the zidisha and mtn issue that happened in ghana.

2 Jul 7

on time payments records

Please due to issue with zidisha and Mtn issue that happened in ghana. My on time payment records has been reduced from 100% to 95%. Please i have ...

2 Jul 7

Credit risk amount

Hi, may you please tell me about this credit risk payment...... Why can't I pay the remaining balance and you top up with that amount because aft...

2 Jul 7


I have selected Saturday for my repayment schedule yet the systems insists the step is still required. It is stuck at this point. Help please.

2 Jul 7

Credit Risk Refund

Dear team please help me get an email to make a support ticket so that my credit risk funds can come back. I really hope that the credit risk funds...

2 Jul 7

Membership fee

How can you give me ksh 12? And am not first time borrower? And my first loan I paid kshs 1000 for membership fee

4 Jul 7

water tank

Hey lender's, I qualify for 75,000 plus but currently I need 30,000 to purchase a water tank, now will my limit go down? Please answer me

2 Jul 7

Credit Risk payment

I am to receive an amount of $ 988 as credit limit to which service fee of 5% which is $ 49.31 will be deducted. But $ 247 will also be deducted as...

4 Jul 6

Repayment mode

I'm no longer using the mobile number I used in the previous repayment , but my repayment is not completed .how will Zidisha recognize my new payme...

2 Jul 5

payment not credited

hello Zedisha, my payment for June 18, June 25 and July 2 have all not been credited to my account. i received an email of past due notification bu...

3 Jul 5

Repayment not credited

My name is Stephen Agyekum. I did repayment on 26th June but still not credited to my accounts. Please check and do correction. Thanks Stephen A...

2 Jul 5