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My loan had not been raise yet I have been paying on time

I am on my sixth loan and my had not improved yet I have been paying in time why,

1 Nov 21

My dashboard not opening

Good day dear zidisha team, my loan was disburse on the 14th of November 2018, waiting for dashboard to open for repayment schuddle,time for repaym...

1 Nov 21

New Payment Button for Mpesa User

I welcome the said free loan payment without extra charges from Mpesa. However clicking the Pay(''Amount'') or Pay another amount buttons we are re...

9 Nov 21

am not happy with this loan

hello,i requested for three thousand naira(3000) loan and you sent one hundred naira(100)why? and i need adjustment quick or i should refound the o...

1 Nov 21

New Payment Button

Hi, I recently made use of the new payment button and decided to pay using my credit card. The payment was received and deducted promptly, howev...

1 Nov 21

Dashboard not open

I requested a loan amount and has been disbursed to me but still the dashboard is not open to me for payment so please assist me.

1 Nov 21

Loan not funded

Hello my dashboard doesn't display or allow mre to apply for a new loan yet i cleared my balance

1 Nov 21


I applied for a loan and it was 60% funded. On the page 11 days were remaining for the loan to be funded. I then received an email that my loan ha...

2 Nov 20

payment bottom not working

When I click on my Rave payment bottom it work so i can't do payment.

1 Nov 20

Loan repayment challenge

Please I cannot find the "pay now" when I log into my account. I want to repay my loan.

1 Nov 20

Payment not updated.

Hi, I paid my weekly instalment by it has not been updated. What could be the problem? Is it because I paid two days late?

2 Nov 20

Loan repayment

Please I have tried severally to repay my loan but its not displaying on my repayment dashboard. Please show me how to repay my loan. Thank you.

1 Nov 20

Credit Risk

My credit risk was not refunded after I finished my loan. Please help.

1 Nov 20

Increased credit risk payment

Hello, I tried applying for my 5th loan yesterday and the credit risk payment was quite high( 26%) even though I have maintain a 100% repayment ra...

4 Nov 20

Volunteer mentor

How can i apply for a volunteer mentor. i'm from Nigeria based in Abuja.

1 Nov 20

confirmation of loan

Hello, i did apply for a loan and on my dashboard i am seeing 100% lent . i have not received a message to accept the loan. kindly advise

2 Nov 20

payment of loan not approved

I pay my loan 3 day ago and the loan payment have not yet approve

1 Nov 20

can't pay my loan using the pay Now button

I was trying to pay my loan using the pay Now button and it wasn't not responding and the date for payment was also passing so I decided to sent it...

1 Nov 20