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A space for borrowers to post questions about how Zidisha works.

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inefficiency in loan approval and funding

it is with grave concern that i am writting this. the longer a loan takes to be approved by zidisha staff, it reduces the amount of days a project ...

9 Feb 12

Change of phone number and creation of support ticket

Pls I have lost my phone hence was not able to pay my loans on time but I have a new phone number now and I don't know how to made my repayments. A...

2 Feb 12

Loan has not been funded

I have posted for a loan 3 times and have been funded up to 24% then expires now the fourth time will expire tomorrow ,please advice me,is there an...

2 Feb 12


Hello members Can I use my tablet to register a new member???

2 Feb 12

Awaiting Disbursement

How many days does it take for a funded loan to be disbursed? Previously it can be disbursed immediately the loan is funded? But now day into days,...

2 Feb 12


Dear Zidisha team, I think the current introduced waiting list is slowing business and should have a time frame or number of days for that. For i...

7 Feb 12

Loans Waiting List

Hello everyone, I am writing to enquire about the new waiting list system. For instance, I have a lender who has promised to fund me should I need ...

1 Feb 12

To be encouraged.

Hi Zidisha. Am on my 3rd application and still on waiting least. My fear is that it seems like being in waiting is like being thrown in a ve...

1 Feb 12

Change of Primary Phone number

Hi guys, I need some help in changing my primary phone number, the one that I have been receiving loans and repaying them with. Is there a way to d...

6 Feb 11

My new business.

I would like in the first place like to recommend the entire Zidisha team for the financial support given to humanity. I salute you. I want to use...

3 Feb 11

Don't give up hope, projects DO get funded

Moderators, my post appears below. Here is short background why I wrote it. Will help you decide whether to publish or retract. Last week I cont...

20 Feb 11

Delayed loan publication

I apllied for my first loam and tepid before time .I then posted my second loan but it has overstayed until I am worried I am on the waiting list f...

2 Feb 10