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funding challenges

Nine days for my fourth loan to expire, yet no single lender attending to it. Businesses are dying and more challenges to face during schools reope...

1 Jan 5

The loan is 2 weeks pending

Hi ... zidisha, please explain my loan already 2 weeks more pending review staff zidisha. How long will this review process take? I have been payin...

11 Jan 5

Fourth application

Hello lenders, I have gone through my application and I consider your recommendation by Joost and I promise of increasing my repayment rate when I ...

7 Jan 4

My loan proposal expired without fully funded

Happy new year Zidisha team? I applied for a loan and it was just 11% funded till it got expired today. I was told to do some changes, yet I did ...

2 Jan 3

decrease on credit limit of unfounded loan

AfterI had made fully payment of my loan ,my credit limit reduced drastically. Someone help me.

4 Jan 3

decrease in credit limit

my credit limit has decrease since the day I adjust my payment . someone help to resolve this problem for me

1 Jan 3

Loan not funded

Please this is my fourth time of posting my current loan but it been seven days and it still shows 0% funded.I traced it to the one who invited m...

18 Jan 3

loan Amount Review

Please is it advisable to reduce the loan amount requested for when you have few days for your loan application to be expired for easy funding?

8 Jan 3

Loan not funded

Please this is my fifth time of posting my current loan and it hasn't been funded . Team Zidisha should help me get my loan funded. My loan progre...

1 Jan 3

Staff review

Its been over one month since I applied for my third loan but was never fully funded.currently my dashboard says my loan is now pending waiting for...

4 Jan 3

Payment zidisha

Sorry I want to ask I have made payment zidisha since tdk 23 dec already no confirmation email but there is no cutting loan .... I have sent my pay...

2 Jan 3

Change of Name After Acquiring national ID.

Hello comrades, I will like to seek your help on this platform as I find myself wanting. I used my new surname to register for my account after I...

1 Jan 3

Need explanations please

I want to ask whether am I part of this community or not because when I post a problem here nobody assist or provide solutions to my problem. For a...

4 Jan 2

Loan application 4th time

Happy new...this is my fourth time applying for my loan without been funded.I have been advised to work on my on time repayments,which I promise t...

3 Jan 2

Loan Not Funded

Hello guys? This is the second time I am posting my loan. The first time it was funded up to 38% this time round it's 26% funded with just four day...

4 Jan 2