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"Profile Story has been used"

I am having challenges in applying for a new loan as i keep getting below error message after several changes in my narrations; "The phrase "i am...

1 Jul 18


How long does it take for a loan to be approved for funding.

1 Jul 18

system failuer

loan application becomes very difficult, my story, business and loan proposal all these option stack. None of the technical people are anwering qu...

5 Jul 17

loan limit not been increased.

I have paid for five loans consistently without loan increase, and when i apply for loan the MLF does not appear.Please, kindly help me solve this...

2 Jul 17

Unfair reduction of next loan

I secured three loans from Zidisha. It was very helpful for my course. But when it was time for my next loan I noticed with concern how my credit l...

8 Jul 17

Can not login in app

I can not login zidisha application in because the old facebook can not to open because the first time list in zidisha use facebook long and now th...

1 Jul 16

how to borrow again

I have already paid my loan before time how can i apply for another loan?

2 Jul 16

review my account

We regret to inform you that your Zidisha account has been closed, because we have discovered that your account was involved in inaccurate informat...

8 Jul 16

Lending needs to be reviewed

Please review my loan application. thank you

3 Jul 16

Incorrect bank account number

What do I do, to change my wrong bank account number? In Indonesia, BRI bank consists of 15 digit account number. While in the application bank acc...

3 Jul 16


How do I change my home address?

2 Jul 15

Detailed picture

Hi Zidisha staff,tank you so much for your good work done. One issue is bordering my mind.When one applies for the refund of credit risk limit he o...

3 Jul 15

Application Error

I have updated the latest zidisha apk update, but why is still having trouble while doing the loan application

4 Jul 14


Kindly dont disburse the loan that is pending disbursement, as i will be going on a journey outside. Thank you I will rejoin when back

2 Jul 14