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review my account

We regret to inform you that your Zidisha account has been closed, because we have discovered that your account was involved in inaccurate informat...

8 Jul 16

Lending needs to be reviewed

Please review my loan application. thank you

3 Jul 16

Incorrect bank account number

What do I do, to change my wrong bank account number? In Indonesia, BRI bank consists of 15 digit account number. While in the application bank acc...

3 Jul 16


How do I change my home address?

2 Jul 15

Detailed picture

Hi Zidisha staff,tank you so much for your good work done. One issue is bordering my mind.When one applies for the refund of credit risk limit he o...

3 Jul 15

Application Error

I have updated the latest zidisha apk update, but why is still having trouble while doing the loan application

4 Jul 14


Kindly dont disburse the loan that is pending disbursement, as i will be going on a journey outside. Thank you I will rejoin when back

2 Jul 14

weekly repayments.

Hi,i recently applied for a loan,then noted that there are some changes in the repayment schedule.my schedules have fixed weekly repayments,eg rep...

3 Jul 14

Adjust repayment option option

Hello all, has anyone here experience this, absence of adjustment option? I really want to adjust my repayment but I can't find the adjustment ...

2 Jul 14

fixed weekly repayments.

Hi all,humbly requesting if the amounts for weekly repayments are no longer adjustable or its a technical error.thanks

2 Jul 14

I need loan of 7000

I need a loan of 7000 ksh but you guys only gave me 12 ksh

2 Jul 14

forth of thanks to my lenders and all zidisha team's

am thanking you of my loan i happy giving me loan even though you don't know me, give me job in Kenya

2 Jul 14

Next loan

Hello am unable to apply for my next loan what can I do

10 Jul 14

My credit limit does not show

Unlike everyone else, my credit limit does not show on my page. Why is it so?

1 Jul 13

can not refund

I can not refund because I do not have a bank

2 Jul 13


dash like this why yes. you have made too many proposals in no time. please wait a while before making a loan proposal again .. please help

2 Jul 13