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A space for borrowers to post questions about how Zidisha works.

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Difficulties in repayment

Please i am a borrower, and this is my third time of loan disbursement and repayment. For now i am facing some difficulties in my farming work, thi...

4 May 2

Rejection of ID by the app

Dear zidisha team. My id number is being rejected by your app. How can I solve this please?

1 May 1

Why is my Loan still pending Review

More than two weeks after I have applied for my third cycle loan, my loan is still pending Zidisha staff review. I therefore want to know why is th...

10 May 1


Hi,l have applied loan for 4 times,without being funded.on the dashboard is indicating,create new proposal,however l want to cancel the entire loa...

2 May 1

Limit credit

Dear Valued Investor, Volunteer and Team zidisha Introduce my name Abdul Aziz from Bogor West Java I am very glad to be given the opportunity to jo...

2 May 1

Main Deduction amount of Credit Risk Payments

I only know that the credit risk payments is 10% of the amount one will request. I have one member l invites and upon calculation he is been dedu...

9 May 1


Dear Team I wish to request my loan to be featured at the top due to the heavy rains that are causing harm..Iam a victim and need help to renovate ...

1 May 1

My loan hasn't being fully funded for the second time

One of the people I invited them to join zidisha is having problem with the loan to funded.he has done it for about 2 times and his loan is not fun...

5 May 1

Apology to my lenders

Indeed I am sorry to my lenders who had sacrificed to fund me grow up my business. In fact, it wasn't my wish to decline the offer. But I thought i...

1 May 1


I made payment on the 25th April, 2018 and l was supposed to pay Ghc 88.00 to completed payments but l paid Ghc 92.00. The payment is still not cre...

6 May 1

Decrease In Cedit limit

i received 2 Ghana cedis and paid 500 ghana cedis. my credit limit was suppose to be 770 cedis. I experience poor network problems at my area, so ...

2 Apr 30

High Risk Borrower.

I want someone to explain these to me; (1)I just want to understand who is a "high risk borrower"? (2) I also heard that "high risk borrow...

2 Apr 30

over deduction of 10% risk credit limit

hello every one please l want to help me in calculation this simple mathematics , l requested for of 1862ghs and l was partially funded ...

29 Apr 30

payment not reflecting

i did pay my first loan installment in time but up to now it shows that i haven't paid,what could be wrong back there since i was to pay first inst...

7 Apr 30

image of my full payment

hello zidisha member and all lenders,good evening?back here am good and lemme say thanks to zidisha,to my lender mr Paul Buchheit and the other len...

1 Apr 30

MLF to Pay loans

I paid Ghc 568.00 into the previously MLF during my third loan and l have finish payments. I am currently paying my forth loan and l have also deci...

3 Apr 30

I do not understand how Zidisha works

Please I need a Ghanaian member of Zidisha number to guide me. Zidisha gave 239ghc and I paid only 12ghc and I received a message that claimed I ha...

4 Apr 29

Poor Service

Two things that are of poor services in zidisha and technicians need to work out are; 1.Poor communication network : As a mentor when l calle...

25 Apr 29

Volunteer Mentor

interested in applying to become a Volunteer Mentor

4 Apr 29