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A space for borrowers to post questions about how Zidisha works.

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Loan Expired

I cannot apply for the next loan yet I have finished repaying the first one. What’s the problem it says:-We're sorry, your loan application was no...

4 Aug 9

Loan not approved for funding

I posted new loan but was not approved for funding. How long will it take for it to re-open for application

1 Aug 9


I decided not to borrow anymore from zodosha because somehow my application got rejected 2 times even before I have good track record in payment. A...

1 Aug 9

Loan not approved

I made a loan proposal but it was not approved to be funded. So what should I do?

1 Aug 8


I have finished paying my loan in full and no space for me to reapply for another loan but only telling me to post comments for those who are with ...

2 Aug 8


I want to know the benefit of credit risk

1 Aug 8

My account wasn't approved

I have made a fully repayment and my application hasn't being approved. Why ..I have every details to be correct and original. Why is it that my lo...

1 Aug 7

Application not approved 100% credit score

on the written dashboard the loan is not approved even though the credit score is 100%, even though this is the 8th loan, it starts to join zidisha...

1 Aug 7

Pending review

How many days does loan take to be reviewed? Mine has stayed for so long it has not been published what is the reasons?

2 Aug 7


MLF has not been appearing for me to contribute.please help me solve.

2 Aug 7

Difficulty in applying

I've been trying to publish my loan application but always I got feedback something went wrong with winedish collor at background. Please may I ...

1 Aug 7

Delete my account

Dear you, How can I delete my account with permanent? I try to contact the team support but none of them can I find. so, Need information. Ma...

1 Aug 7

Loan application

We are sorry, your loan application was not approved. Plesase what does it mean? I am a business person and l will repay all my loans. I want to us...

2 Aug 6