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Can can someone assist me

I pay my full loan before due date using a different line 0722637490 Transaction ID: NB98QH3KAW. When I enter this ID in the help section your ap...

5 Feb 15

Adjust payment

I would like to adjust my loan repayment plan to what can suit me. How do I go about it? I am already late in payment and receiving threatening me...

1 Feb 15

My loan has not been approved for funding

Hello please I tried applied for a loan but it has not been funded. This what I received (your loan application is pending review by Zidisha st...

2 Feb 15

Why are u do this to me,

My membership money is with u, my risk fee also with u, u decided not to borrow me money again, u are behave like 419, if u did not loan me, I hand...

1 Feb 15

loan limit

Hi zidisha this is almost my 5th borrowing period as well as one-time repayment but still experience some dismal changes like $0.27 as my loan incr...

2 Feb 15

Lower credit limit now than previous loan

In January 2019 when apply for a loan from Zidisha, my credit limit was $75 after receiving the loan, I was told if i'm able to repay my loan befor...

3 Feb 15

premium membership

3000 was paid to join premium membership on the 13th of February ,I has not received any message from zidisha since then,what is the next step plea...

1 Feb 15

Refund of risk fee

My loan has been fully paid so how can I get my risk fee back. Thank you.

1 Feb 15

Loan disbursment

Hi...how long does it take for the loan to be disbursed to my account.Thank you

1 Feb 15

Is there a problem with disbursement

It's been more than the 14 days for international disbursement, is there a problem we should be notified about?

1 Feb 15


Dear Borrowers, (especially Kenya/Mpesa users) When you decide to make payment for Loan Repayment, kindly DO NOT use your relatives or friends' PHO...

9 Feb 15

Loan disturb

My loan is 100% funded but haven't received it yet,please advise

1 Feb 15

first time loan dint go through

Am a new member i was applying for a loan with zidisha when i was told your loan was expired please try again, I tried again but the same messages ...

1 Feb 15

Credit Risk

Hey Zidisha, Hope you are all well how can l get back my credit risk back. And can l know how much l have kindly. Kind Regards, Martin

1 Feb 15


Hello,why are you asking me to repay sh.1,000 which was to sent to my account,i have no outstanding loan

1 Feb 15

My loan has not yet been disbursed

I read on my dashboard that it now takes 14 days to disburse the loan internationally which was never the case before, anyway it's the rules and it...

1 Feb 15

To become a volunteer mentor.

Hello my lenders? after researching so much on how Zidisha works,Iam willing to become a volunteer mentor.

1 Feb 15

My loan

I have not received my loan since yesterday of 1000 shilling which am supposed to pay 1067 within three weeks

5 Feb 14

Having error

Everytime I try to create a new loan proposal it keeps giving me error detected

1 Feb 14