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Unable to sign up

Dear family, The people I’ve invited to join Zidisha are complaining that, when they try signing up, the account turns to be a lenders account ins...

2 Sep 24

Adjusting repayment schedule

Hello, please help. I would like to adjust my repayment schedule. I can't find that option on my platform .

3 Sep 24

Merchant ID

What is merchant ID. Mtn is not accepting national ID

1 Sep 24

Account Closure

I would like my account to be deleted and stop appearing in Google search results. The fact that this feature is not in place is not ideal - even...

1 Sep 24

Kindly am lacking adjust repayment schedule

Kindly am lacking on my dash board adjust repayment schedule button on my drop down menu on my dash board.

1 Sep 23


The percentage for the risk fees should be as the same as the service fees so that members can acess at least an amount that can invested on big sales

1 Sep 22


Greetings,please my loan is funded but having problem of accepting it and i dont know weather is a general problem or what.please i need assistance...

3 Sep 22

Delaying in loan approval

I reapply for my fourth loan for couple days now without showing approval on my dasboard, it's any problem? Please help me.

1 Sep 22


Please may know how much i will remain with on my next loan after deductions,my next credit limit is ksh 2809

1 Sep 22


I did 3 times of my repayment and when am to invite a member it tells me not eligible to invite that am not yet had one repayment. What kind of re...

1 Sep 22

Loan not fully disbursed

Dear zidisha team, I am on my second loan, which l was supposed to receive Ghs 56. But unfortunately only Ghs 5 was disbursed into my account. Can ...

2 Sep 22


I have been away for along time due to illness related problems kindly is my account still functioning or am deleted from the system?

2 Sep 22

Membership loan fund

How can I repay my membership loan fund again after collecting it?

2 Sep 22

What is "One-Time Membership

I want to know what is meant by the credit risk limit %15 and the One-Time Membership Payment fee. This is my third loan request. My second loan...

2 Sep 22


I am kenyan citizen and have gone through the application process but the amounts are too meagre they cannot buy anything in the kenyan currency......

2 Sep 22

Error in proposing a new loan by my friend.

One of my friend is having a problem in proposing a new loan. He has been in Zidisha since 2015. He said,he has not added any information to what h...

2 Sep 22

Loan disbursement

After accepting my loan offer after being funded, couple of days have passed and have not received any amount. Please help.

6 Sep 22

my dashboard

I apply for loan for a couples of days now and my dashboard was showing your loan is now on pending review and when approved it will be showing to...

10 Sep 22