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A space for borrowers to post questions about how Zidisha works.

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the waitlist feature

is there a reason to pay the membership fee when one knows their loan will be placed in the wait list?? with no certainty of the loan being posted ...

1 Feb 10

New loan application failed.

i repaid my last loan fully last week but on trying to post a new proposal am told ***************8(Before your next application, we recommend tha...

10 Feb 9

Uploading picture

I'm finding difficulty in uploading my picture any help pls

9 Feb 9

Loan in waiting list for publication

Loan has shows on my dashboard that my loan is in the waiting list for publication if funds are available for four working days now, I can't even e...

2 Feb 8


Hello dear Zidisha team, I have been thinking about this issue for sometime now. I was thinking like,if you post a loan application and it get to ...

1 Feb 8

loan disbursed

I applied for a loan of 1000 and it got funded only to be charged membership fee the same amount . Now your saying i owe you??? Yet i havent reciev...

4 Feb 8

membership fee

may i know why am charged 2000ksh membership fee when other are charged 1000ksh

1 Feb 8

Loan still pending at the waiting list stage

Hello my dear noble members, Please my loan has been on awaiting list for the past days now. The last time, it even expired at the waiting list st...

2 Feb 8


Hello, I applied for the loan some days back but since then it has not been disbursed nor approved.Or am not eligible for the loan applied.Kindly...

2 Feb 8

Still my loan is in waiting

Is up to three days my loan application is in the waiting list still not publication on projects

11 Feb 8

Lost of ID card

One of my invites Evans yeboah has to send you his national ID Card for varification but he can't find the ID Card so he sent the one he use to vot...

1 Feb 8

Awaiting Disbursement

First and foremost, Zidisha is not bank which I am aware of, but it has come to help a lot of people and I am soo excited to be part of the lucky o...

17 Feb 8

More information

Hello zidisha commmunity,i was asking to know more about the zidisha i want to take big loan how do igo about it? and how do i become a volunteer m...

6 Feb 7
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