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recovering a lost password

hi i have a pal who has lost his zidisha password how can he retrieve it.so as he can enjoy this service.thank you.

2 Nov 2

Volunteer mentorship

I need to join volunteer mentorship how do i join please help me

1 Nov 2


Hi, I borrowed ghc4 and paid membership fees of ghc40. I was granted a loan of 44ghc and the member ship fee of ghc40 was deducted. I paid the 44GH...

1 Nov 1

loan payment

Can i reduce my loan daily

1 Nov 1

request to become a VM

Hello guys I've been in zidisha for a bout 2years now I love their work and its financial support that they offer to us ,I be been keenly following...

4 Nov 1

hi fam

pls am in ghana and i want to know the procedure to pay my loan. kindly help me with the procedure

1 Nov 1

Wrong repayment calculation

I received GHS 24 for my 2nd application and now my dashboard shows a repayment amount of GHS 104, how is that possible pls help

1 Nov 1

About the loan

Hello zidisha please I have been paying my loan of 1273 for about 5times with no increase of my loan.what long

1 Nov 1

Deductions rate

What is the interest rate,credit risk rate,loan expedite rate ,for each loan?

1 Nov 1

disbursement not received

hi,please i was emailed to fix a problem concerning my account and i have...but i have still not eceived the loan

1 Nov 1

BNI change to pay pal

I got message today when repayment change to pay pal, and I dont have account paypal , and I dont have credit card how I can pay my loan , help me...

2 Nov 1


Masi is confused about payment via paypal, it"s due. Please help...

1 Oct 31

Never got my loan on mpesa

Hello zidisha it's been 3 weeks now since you approved my loan but of 1086 ,it even appears on my dashboard yet I never got the cash,you can even c...

1 Oct 31

Disbursement Issues

Hello @joost, can you assist on this. My loan got fully funded and I accepted it but is almost too weeks now after acceptance and I have still not...

6 Oct 31

RE: CRB Listing Final Notice

Kindly give me a clear guidelines on this matter, what I requested is not what I was given as a loan, so I direct your office to deduct the pending...

1 Oct 31

Zidisha mantor

I am interested to be a mentor

1 Oct 30

Update profile

How can I change Telephone number ? I want to change phone number. Who can assist me?

1 Oct 30

Commment reviews and new loan applications for VMs

The comment reviews arevtaking too long hence i have been unable to post a new loan due to that delay please assist

1 Oct 30

Hello good morning

Please my name is Abubakari Napari Alhassan, I requested a loan yesterday and I have not received any money yet. I want to know the reason.

2 Oct 30

Loan disbursement

I did apply my third loan which was actually approved waiting for disbursement over three weeks now no disbursement, what is the matter again?

1 Oct 30