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Guidance on how Zidisha works

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3 Aug 2

Loan Repayment

Hi Zidisha Is there a way in which one repays loan monthly instead of weekly? I prefer Monthly. Thank You Gideon Borrower

2 Aug 2

Base credit limit decreased

Hi zidisha team hope you are doing well, I am concerned on how my base credit limit decrease after completing my previous loan hence maintaining 95...

1 Aug 2

Brilliant Zidisha support Team

I couldn't hesitate to echo the support that we are getting from Zidisha and lenders widely. We need to be more patient and try to know how this pl...

2 Aug 1

Re: Loan expediting

I am writing this to confirm what happened I didn't choose my loan to expedited, what happened you expedited my loan. Please review that and remove...

1 Aug 1

Pending review by zidisha staff.

Hi, zidisha team! For how long does the loan application takes to be reviewed by zidisha staff?

1 Aug 1

Loan accepted but still not disbursed.

Hi zidisha team I have accepted a new loan for so many days but still not disbursed in my account.

4 Aug 1

loan application

I paid my first loan In time but. I can't get the second , I have never succeeded. Why Pliz

5 Jul 31

Loan disbursement

Should one opt for expediting offer on his/ her loan. How long. Does it take for the the loan to be disbursed. Again can a loan be offered expediti...

2 Jul 31

payment of amount due

Please I forgot to pay my scheduled date on Sunday, Can I pay it today Tuesday without any problem??

1 Jul 31

Members loan fee

I kindly want to use my members loan fee to clear my loan because my business is not doing very well after going through hardships in my family an...

2 Jul 31