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Payment not reflected

Please I paid 1Gh for first time when my loan was fully found but that loan has council and found full again and am confirming it it still saying I...

1 Aug 10

Picture not uploading

I can't upload a picture of me.what should I do?

2 Aug 7

Loan not disbursed into my account

Hello good morning zidisha members and Julia, please I have confirmed my loan since Thursday morning and am waiting to reflect in my account, up t...

2 Aug 7

Fully paid loan

Please Julia,thank you for your quick responses.please may I know if there is a problem after finishing payment it delays nowadays? Because,mine ha...

3 Aug 7


i made a mistake on installment,i did not understand and put 4 installment and come to discover that it 4 months, but i want to change to pay my lo...

2 Aug 7

Technical error

Does *234*3# really work and when i try to upload mpesa statement it say error or the information cannot be accessed.kindly assist

1 Aug 7

Pay it forward

Please on my account or dashboard,where is the program of "pay it forward" i can not see it on my account or dashboard . please can someone assist ...

2 Aug 6


Hello, I am Viola, I was trying to apply for zidisha loan but during filling in of the information, i had a typing error from the keyboard and inst...

2 Aug 6

Fresh loan application

Please Julia,i have finished paying back all my loan and need to start another fresh loan but it seems it has kept long and have fully paid back th...

2 Aug 5

Loan not found on project page

Gud morning my dear director, indeed you are a kind and compassionate lady, I am very much glad for your wonderful works over our life and the zidi...

1 Aug 5

My Credit limit decrease

Please I need help I just find out that my credit limit for my next loan has decreased to 105 instead of 3000 and above and i would want to know th...

3 Aug 4


Hello madam, kind help me my account its showing that I received double the amount but i only received once...

2 Aug 4

Loan not disbursed

Gud evening zidisha, my loan was funded this morning, bt still it hasn't been disbursed to my account Pls assist

13 Aug 2

Technical Error

Hello, I made full payment of my outstanding loan today , a sum of Ghc 155.00. After checking,my dashboard I still have an outstanding loan of gh...

10 Aug 2