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Loan issue

About my current loan, u only send me 800 but am supposed to repay 9300, how about that extra, what is catering for

3 Feb 13

Loan repaymemt not credited and paid twice

Hallo Zidisha. I have repaid my loan of Kshs 12 twice 1st on 15th October 2018 and again on 11th Feb 2019. I received reponse from Zidisha st...

2 Feb 13

Long disbursement

You are taking too long to disbursement the loan i applied. Im having an emergency

1 Feb 13

Zidisha feedsback

How long should i wait to reciev the mony via mpesa?

1 Feb 12

I only got part of the loan i had applied for .

was supposed to get 2,645 but instead i received 1,700 and am being asked to pay the whole 2645 why?

1 Feb 12

Full Repayment

I have cleared my loan's second and last installment today-in time! And it still is not reflecting on my account. It's still showing that the insta...

1 Feb 12

Loan Pending disbursement

Dear Zidisha, my loan was fully funded yesterday and I could not receive because it was more daily limit amount to receive . I have therefore edi...

3 Feb 12

Loan Risbursement

I applied for a loan and It was successfully completed...the reply I got was that the funds will be disbursed to me but till now 24 hours since I ...

1 Feb 12

My loan was less than expected

My loan was Short by GHC 10 . What should I do?

1 Feb 12

Loan limit

What can one do with a loan of kshs.50 it is too small to start thinking of a business strategy

1 Feb 12

Invitees loan not approved

Please I want to know why some of my invitees loan has not been approved on several occasions. They do not have volunteer mentors to help them out ...

1 Feb 12

Pending process

I requested a loan yesterday and it is still pending approval. What is the cause?

1 Feb 12

Technical errors

Please l tried to upgrade my credit limit but there is a technical problem please help me.thanks

1 Feb 12

Photo upload problem

Hi zidisha team,Am dorcas Nene.,,Am trying to upload my photo on discussion page but saying low memory. What wrong .Only my ID card is showing and ...

1 Feb 11

Loan payment not Registered

I paid my loan yesterday on 09/02/2019 from another line not registered on zidisha 0722637490 and upto it hasn't registered. How do I get help? N...

3 Feb 11


how can i apply for my credit risk refund?

8 Feb 11

Credit limit reduced after ontime repaymet

I made a repayment of my loan on time, and my credit limit was reduce due to the following issue which I do not understand. "You are not eligibl...

1 Feb 11

Zidisha staff review

How long does it take for zidisha staff to review and approve loan application.

5 Feb 11

delayed reimbursement

after waiting for loan for too long i almost gave up and lost my interest in zidisha, only to discover yestersday that i was loaned. again, afte...

1 Feb 11