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My current credit limit

Hello friends, my name is Florence Ngulube and I joined Zidisha on 7th April 2018 and they have me $0.50 as my start up credit limit and I paid it ...

5 Apr 28

My Credentials are being used

I tried to register for Zidisha loan only to learn that my ID, email, and phone number had been taken. Who is using them? I am unable to register...

4 Apr 28

withrwal as VM memebr

hello team i feel disappointed man after being denied a loan because some of my invitees are defaulters. therefore i would wish to requ...

4 Apr 28

Credit Risk Payment.

Why is the credit risk payment so high? Will it be refunded after I clear the loan?

3 Apr 27


Hello house, how is the credit risk fees charged? Is it on the total amount funded, or on the amount after deducting service fees? Even when it is ...

3 Apr 27

Loan Expired before being funded

Hello zidisha lenders, my loan expires before being funded and applied several times please assist. Zachary Nyamweya

2 Apr 27

VM has not called

I have confirmed my loan on April 24, my VM has not called me. My loan is still pending disbursement effort to reach him has failed. What should ...

2 Apr 27

Pleasw What next

After repayments on 18-4-2018, my loan has not been given please what next

3 Apr 27

Loans that use mlf

Please explain, I want to make a loan using MLF how to do it? Still confused me, to long directed

2 Apr 26

Loans being reviewed by mentor?

Dear Zidisha I recently applied for a loan and it was fully funded. A week laiter i havent received the funds. After creating a support ticket, t...

6 Apr 26


Please I'm getting frustrated with the ID picture upload.The website is not working .Please help me out

3 Apr 25

Repayment of partially funded loans

I salute you all. Can some one please explain how it works with partially funded loans. How much is one required to pay back after accepting partia...

3 Apr 25

Why is my base credit limit lower than my previous loan

Hi,i have been a zidisha member for quite a while now and this will be my fifth loan.I have maintained 100% repayment record.The previous loan i re...

1 Apr 25

My loan hasn't being fully funded for the second time

My loan hasn't being fully funded for the second time.I don't no why my loan hasn't being funded for the second time.

2 Apr 25

loan application

How d i apply for a new loan?

2 Apr 25

My credit limit

Please my credit limits says if I repair my loan before 26April my credit limit will be 493.i have paid full payment but if I tried to create a new...

1 Apr 25


The account dashboard can not be opened there are some friends have been dumped his filing but can not confirm because dasbord can not be opened

3 Apr 25


Why is the dashboard not workin

3 Apr 24

Loan application

Dear Zidisha, am Anthony Muiru ,I applied for a loan ,which was halted reason that my photo was unreadable but to my surprise I was asked to scan m...

1 Apr 24